05 September 2010

Another Beautiful Audio Editing tool !!!

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From: sreekanth sasikanth
Date: Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 8:09 AM
Subject: [] Another Beautiful Audio Editing tool !!!
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Hi Guys,

      I am back today with yet another beautiful Audio Editing software;
largely unexplored, called ReZound. I have been a great fan of Ardour and
Audacity for a long time. Well, today i was just wandering around to find
anything better. Well, what was actually in my mind was to find a tool that can
sort of have the features (Most importantly listing of files on the side kind of
feature) of Adobe Audition. Well, guys i was not dissappointed!!! ;). I was
amazed to find that ReZound has exactly the same feature and more!!...ha ha ha.
Well, ReZound can edit a file while its being played!!...Now thats something i
havent seen anywhere else :D. Then we can view a file when another file is being
played; a feature which there nowhere in Adobe Audition. And oh yes!!! LADSPA
effects are supported; which just opens a HUGE list of effects that would make u
virtually dizzy!! :D.

      A small issue (not an issue actually :D) is that  people who are familiar
with other professional editing apps will find that the "Shortcut" keys which
are universal standard in most tools, are not the same here :). So they will
need some time to get used to it. In other ways...there is lot of scope for this
lil light weight editor to become a handy Application ;). Just check it out guys
and let me knoww....

Link :

Warm Regards,

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