30 September 2010

How to invite all contacts which has to your google chat

I am not using my gmail id. i have moved to new email id. Now it is a pain to add gmail contact to google chat.
I have invited 977 contact to google chat in 10 minute by smart work.
Here is the procedure to do it in smart way,

Go to gmail web interface.
click on contacts,
Search for ''
Now you will get list of all contact who have in it
Click on 'select all'
create group - name it 'allgmail'
now to compose mail,
type 'allgmail' and enter
you will fine that all the contact who has is listed in TO: field.
now copy all these contact.

Open gedit.
paste it gedit and save file as a.txt

now apply this command.

cat a.txt |  sed -e 's/,/,\n/g' | sed -e 's/".*"//g' | grep  -i > b.txt

This fill filter out unwanted character from a.txt and save into b.txt.

Now open b.txt. you will find all contacts who have in it

you might not be able to invite all contacts at once.. for example when I was trying all 977 contact at once , I was getting error. So I invited 100 contact at a time. for inviting, click on 'add contact' at the bottom of Chat list.

Hope this will help in migration.


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29 September 2010

My reply : Request for Inputs on Dissertation paper on Open Source (Updated Paper)

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 4:39 PM, Dhiraj Gaur <dhiraj.gaur> wrote:
Dear All, 
Thanks for the replies and showing support to provide inputs to this paper on Open Source. I have updated the paper and done some major updates to the same. Some have commented that that 35 pages are too much to read. In case time is the limitation please go through chapter 1 and 4 only and give your feedback.

Looking forward to your inputs. 

Dhiraj Gaur  

I received this mail because my email was in BCC field.

My Feedback :

Your Dissertation Paper is total fail. You have used Microsoft Office Word 2007 to create the attached document. I have confirmed it using pdfinfo command of Linux. you are talking about OpenSource/Free Software and using non-free software. It shows that you are not learning anything. I request to ask zero marks from your teacher Or use Latex to get good marks. If you cannot adopt opensource/free software, better not to talk and write on it.

I personally request to learn Latex. Latex is the best software for writing book and dissertation.
Please use Kile software to re-generate the paper. Latex has a learning curve but once you start using it, you will find it very easy.

suggesting reading :
Book to learn Latex :


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22 September 2010

Women and FOSS in India , Excellent Story , Must read #tux #women

On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 18:42, sreekanth sasikanth
Well hi guys.. Talking about Women and FOSS.. I have an excellent example to make!! :).. MY MOM!! :D... She is an ardant fan GNU/Linux :D..she uses only GNU/Linux to surf net, listen to music, etc etc. Shes now 42 and she learnt GNU/Linux 6 months back and shes quite good at it as a user ;).. And oh yes...she also respects our policies and knows them quite well :)...

         4 months back when the Airtel person came to connect net, my mom was working on GNU/Linux. She said to him "One sec, lemme restart the machine to Windows, now i am on Linux"... He was like "What the hell??!!! :-O" expression...ha ha ha ha :D... it seems for the first time he was seeing a House Wife use GNU/Linux ;)...

       Oh u people would be asking me "WINDOWS??". Well yes...unfortunately there is one thing that is forcing to keep that dreaded OS on my machine :(...and that is recording from my TV tuner. I managed to get my card running on the machine with some work arounds in GNU/Linux... But dint find a good app to record it.. searched it helter skelter but in vain!! actually i found a code in python which records video using Mencoder..but it doesnt work as i working on the code now to modify it make it work my way (Thanks to Free Software once again..without the code, i would be screwd ;) )... Oh and yess!!! now mom is behind me everyday asking "did u fix the recording...did u fix the recording..." he he he ;)...

Now hows that for a change to "Women in FOSS" ;)... Well its not a story..its the truth :)..

Warm Regards,

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OSTM at Amity (Software Freedom Day)

Hi, I will be speaking at OSTM Amity at 22 sept 2010.

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21 September 2010

ICT for Development - List of Institutes to learn

There was an error processing the HTML in this post. Please resave this post and try again. If this problem persists, please email us at and we'll fix it.

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20 September 2010

Fedora 12 OLPC sugar on ARM

After struggling a lot, we got some sort of success to bringing up on ARM board.
Now we are in testing mode. Will update the further progress.

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19 September 2010

unlocking the collaborative potential of School using and SchoolOS

From last one year, I am trying to work in School Education Domain. It is the biggest untouched area with a huge and very big potential. We have a large number of student in schools. A very big percentage of whole children population. Now this big slab is now going to touch Internet. Internet is the biggest collaboration platform which we can harness it for collaboration amount student. For example last year I blogged about Free of Cost IIT/IEEE education at The vision is still in the queue.
The focus of will be to give a platform for student so that they can write and print their course books. This is a very task and it will take time to establish.

For example, When I was studying Math in school time, I always use to found lots of mistakes in books and new methods to do the same problem. I was not having any web Interface where I can correct or add new methods. but Now we can give this web Interface to children so that they can write their book collaboratively. Child use to write poems/ stories. Imagine a central place where they can write and publish their books. School has biggest untouched area and probably because we do not have Internet and bandwidth in schools right now. but very soon we are going to see a whole new paradigm of collaborative knowledge creation and sharing in Schools by Teacher-Student Community. It is the right time to build these communities and teach them collaborative skills. SchoolOS,, Offline Wikipedia Installations are few little seeds by which we are trying to make a change in School Education System in India.

PS: You can also help in school education  by spending one day at some school. Please go back to schools and spend one day and tell them about Wikipedia, Install localwikipedia, Install SchoolOS, tell them about collaboration.


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05 September 2010

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How to auto spell check as you type openoffice

Apart from this, you need to check that you are using correct language settings.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Abhinandan Kothari
Date: Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 3:06 PM
Subject: Re: [LUG@IITD:9524] openoffice spell check.

Bingo !!! same problem i faced and i solved it yesterday.Following steps are to be followed to bring the automatic red color line.
1. Go to options mene --> tools --> Language settings  OR menu->tools -> options-> LanguageSetting
2. Select writing Aids
3. In writing aids the bottom most checklist is of options in the dialog box.
4. The first option is unchecked plz check mark it. "Check spelling  as you type " option.
5. apply and exit.

On Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 1:22 PM, Narendra Sisodiya ; wrote:
I want Firefox type spell check in OpenOffice.

Another Beautiful Audio Editing tool !!!

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From: sreekanth sasikanth
Date: Sun, Sep 5, 2010 at 8:09 AM
Subject: [] Another Beautiful Audio Editing tool !!!
To: "This List discusses GNU/Linux & GNU, GPL Software" <>

Hi Guys,

      I am back today with yet another beautiful Audio Editing software;
largely unexplored, called ReZound. I have been a great fan of Ardour and
Audacity for a long time. Well, today i was just wandering around to find
anything better. Well, what was actually in my mind was to find a tool that can
sort of have the features (Most importantly listing of files on the side kind of
feature) of Adobe Audition. Well, guys i was not dissappointed!!! ;). I was
amazed to find that ReZound has exactly the same feature and more!!...ha ha ha.
Well, ReZound can edit a file while its being played!!...Now thats something i
havent seen anywhere else :D. Then we can view a file when another file is being
played; a feature which there nowhere in Adobe Audition. And oh yes!!! LADSPA
effects are supported; which just opens a HUGE list of effects that would make u
virtually dizzy!! :D.

      A small issue (not an issue actually :D) is that  people who are familiar
with other professional editing apps will find that the "Shortcut" keys which
are universal standard in most tools, are not the same here :). So they will
need some time to get used to it. In other ways...there is lot of scope for this
lil light weight editor to become a handy Application ;). Just check it out guys
and let me knoww....

Link :

Warm Regards,

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small request for your video hosting project. @philosophytv

     Its great that you are setting up a website. on your website,

We’ve heard from several viewers who want mp3 versions of our episodes. We’re working on this, so stay tuned.

Some viewers want a way to watch videos at 1.4x speed. We might provide this option in the future. In the meantime, there is a DIY method: download the mp4 version and then view it in a player (such as Windows Media Player) that allows you to adjust play speed settings.

I request to join OpenSource World. The world of Open Standard where nobody is restricted. Mp3 and other technologies have patent restriction. Ogg and Webm format are open format. I request to publish your videos in these format too. You can upload your video to website too.

If you have any question then let me know @nsisodiya

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04 September 2010


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From: Ashok S
Date: Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 11:22 AM
To: DAKF <>

News from Pragoti list






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Obituary to Our Friend & FOSS Activist Shyam Karanat

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Anivar Aravind
Date: Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 11:56 AM
Subject: [fosscomm] Obituary to Our Friend & FOSS Activist Shyam Karanat
To: Fosscom Network <>

Dear All,

Our Friend, and member of This List Shyam Karanatt  ended his life
himself yesterday afternoon. Still most of his friends are still
shocked and not recovered from the  pain of this news.
Shyam was a very active Free Software advocate and Activist.  I like
to recall his major contributions to Free Software Movement in India

He was known to me initially through Google Summer of Code candiate
for Swathanthra Malayalam Computing , for building the prototype for
Malayalam Speech Recognition system. and he started that with a
project named sharika based on CMU-SPINX library.  He become an active
volunteer of Swathanthra Malayalam Computing and part of various other
LUGS like Swathanthra Software Users Group Malappuram, Foss Group in
MES, FSUG- Thrissur etc. He become the project admin  for Translating
GNU.ORG webpages to Malayalam, and made a lot of progress with that
work .  He involved with Organising Various FOSS programmes in his
college and varouos cities in Kerala .

Shyam initiated the Syllabus Review page in FCI Wikia  and compiled most of the
data, in association with Venkiy . Which become a major intervention
too later. He took a major role on realising the idea of GNU labs and
implimenting the first functioning GNU lab in MES kuttippuram

Shyam was a good speaker in various FOSS conferences like FOSS.IN , etc and associate with Various FOSS Groups like IndLinux,
SMC, FSUG-Thrissur, FSUG-Calicut, SSUG Malappurm etc

His funeral is  at Ramapuram, Pala, Kottayam District today

Shyam's Photo From Niyam's collection

~ in the memory of a good friend

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SchoolOS Demonstration at Jamia -

Virus corrupt Unetbootin Live USB, we must device a new method for Live USB.

   On 09/03/2010 10:26 PM, Narendra Sisodiya wrote:

       Unetbootin is Good.. BUT WINDOW is CRAp WINDOW is CRAP....
       I gave linux usb to my office friend. He says that he is unable
       to boot
       usb. I checked and he was correct. I wrote again and again no
       Later I found that he was inserting USB and then restarting the
       operating system. The moment he insert usb, windows virus create
       a new
       .ini files and make that USB unbootable.

       This is totally crappy news. I wanted to introduce SchoolOS live
       USB and now many users will be not be able to use it just because of crappy

       Nilesh, In that case CDFS is better.I think booting section must
       be with
       CDFS so that nobody can temper booting process.
       I am thinking that if it is possible to make 2 partition , then
       linux on CDFS and then mount home directory on other may solve
       this problem.

   Yes, it is possible. This is the main difference between how linux &
   windows treat usb storage.

   In windows (at least upto xp), it will read only the first primary
   partition. Others are ignored (there may be some crook way out for
   that, I don't know).

   In linux, it's just another hard disk, so you can do with it
   whatever you can do with an internal hard disk.

so, are you saying that if we can make a 8mb partition first , it may
solve this problem,

Exactly, you can have a minimal size bootable partition containing a kernel and the initrd.

And the other partition, containing the actual stuff i.e. /, can be formatted with something that windows cannot read- ext, jfs, etc.

The main bootable partition should be cdfs, so that it is not writeable by windows.

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02 September 2010

Invention vs Software Implementation #swpat

When we read the patent application, I see Inventors name. which is totally wrong.In software world, software are designed and not invented. Invention is different then process of creation. In software world ,rarely we see invention and most likely that will be a algorithm. Anybody who has a new idea he/she can create/implement the software but that doesn't means that he/she should be given monopolic right so that nobody can implement them.

For example, Microsoft has patent on Shutdown of Operating System. no matter who implement first and who write code for shutting down the operating system but this affect whole system. Granting patent on such thing means nobody can make a operating system with shutdown feature.

If you search 'boot'  then you will find a huge list of patent -
Like - Booting and boot code update system using boot strapper code to select between a loader and a duplicate backup loader (25-Sep-2007) - Boot process for a computer, a boot ROM and a computer having a boot ROM

It means legally you can stop anybody to make a operating system which does not boot and does not shutdown. You cannot make software product like thins.

Software patents are like nuclear bombs on teenagers hands.
If we take example of Science , we find pure invention. Like electricity, bulb, telephone etc.  In science , invention is like a building block. one building block is not affecting other. on the other hand, software is a game of combination and permutation, one who has large number of man-hour, they can always implement first..

This remind me the caste system of India. In India, in villages, (now also) you can find water well ( where Brahman (priest )and other rich persons were allowed to take water from certain water-wells. Other was not allowed to read Puran and other hindu/vedic Literature . This type of system bring unstable social system where only one community is allowed to harness Commons. Same thing is going with Digital world. rich companies has taken most of the digital power in their hands and making us as their slaves.

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Small Problem with terminal in SchoolOS and its Solution.

Dear Dileep,

     Its a known bug.

Step1 - Open Terminal

Step 2
- type following

      gedit ./.bashrc

Step 3 - at line number 127 , you will find something like this (try ctrl+i   if line numbers is not visible)

mdc() { mkdir -p "$1" && cd "$1" }

Just delete and add new line instead of this.
new line is

function mcd() { [ -n "$1" ] && mkdir -p "$@" && cd "$1"; }

Save and close the file. Close the Terminal too.
Open the terminal again., you will find this


Simple and very good terminal..

On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 9:35 PM, Dileepkumar <> wrote:

When I open the terminal it's coming

bash: /home/dileepkumar/.bashrc: line 168: syntax error: unexpected end of file


Is there anything that I can add at the end of my .bashrc file, that can solve my problem .bashrc file, thanx in advance

Tech blog;
Stories blog:

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