18 August 2010

Why you must says that - "Linux has no virus at all"

Dear Satish,

      have you ever heard about probability ?
      when a baby born in a world, there is a very little probability exist that he will die due to AIDS/HIV. So if you calculate child death rate then you can actually neglect this statistics when you have other major reason for child death.
      Similarly, Linux may have a virus. Tell me how many Linux user got Linux virus. I am using Linux from last 6 years and never found any virus problem. Every windows user gets thousand virus everyday. So there is no comparison exist between 1 million Windows Virus vs 1-2 Linux virus.

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 9:49 AM, Satish Eerpini
hello there,

Looking at the communities involved in the development (NCERT, IIT Delhi .. etc), I am really shocked no one realized this mistake. Linux like any other OS is prone to Virus attacks, but since Linux is not very popular, most virus are targeted at MS Windows. The statement Linux OS is not prone to virus is a blunder  and shows the low level of technical know-how, please correct ASAP. Please don not tweak facts for propaganda.

Highly appreciate the effort.


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Nilesh said...

This is absolutely obvious.

But there's one point to note, because of the rigid permission system of unix, it is .01% possible to make any damage to the core system stuff, unless the user executing mailicious software has access to root by sudo, etc.

Further, if a Linux OS implements SELinux, then obviously, other files will NOT be modifiable by binaries with other SELinux context.

For example, if httpd has context, system_httpd, then httpd can modify only files & directories having the same context i.e. system_httpd unless explicitly defined in the policies. Other binaraies cannot modify httpd or the files that belong to httpd context.

Anonymous said...

Have a good read. Linux does not have resistance to viruses by chance.

Attack vectors have been explored. fanotify lands in the next Linux kernel release allowing another layer of shielding against viruses.

Really when did you see Microsoft covering how to write and counter viruses. You cannot defend against something you don't know.