06 August 2010

Why I am sending SchoolOS ISO image and not DVD #udit

Dear All (who are think like Udit, who tried to gave me some suggestions)
I do social work out of my time but I do not put my pocket money in it.
I cannot send 'Free of Cost' SchoolOS DVD to anybody.
If you want SchoolOS free of Cost SchoolOS then I suggest the ways to get it

1) Download it.

However I do not sell SchoolOS DVD. there are some vendors and student who are selling SchoolOS DVD at 110/- per shipping. you can sell SchoolOS DVD, No body will be having any objection. you can find SchoolOS vendor list on its website

I have started a small scheme for shipping free of cost SchoolOS ISO image to limited persons. I am shipping free of cost ISO image to those who are ready to become 'free distributors' , I will list their address on website and other persons can go to their home/hostel to collect these ISO image.

Now their is one question you asked ?
Why I am sending ISO image in DVD and not the SchoolOS DVD.
It is very simple. SchoolOS distributor needs ISO image for distribution. They can create burn DVD.

If I send them DVD then how they will duplicate? They will make a new iso image out of DVD. This process may create corrupt images.
In DVD i am sending iso image with checksum. So that when iso image arrived  schoolos distributor can check that they got valid image or not.

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phanindra said...

how can i become school OS distributor , i'm phanindra from NIT rourkela

i liked your distribution scheme

my email id pahninsd at gmail dot com