18 August 2010

Why ARM and Android is future and why you should invest your energy in Android

== Android as Videophone==

I just want a 7 to 8 inch android tablet with following configuration.

* Webcam
* Speaker
* Bluetooth
* Touch Screen
* Wifi/LAN/3G modem for Internet Connection. I do not care for Voice calling via GSM/CDMA.
* Must Support Broadband + modem like reliance netconnect/tata indicom pulg 2 surf etc.
* must support GPRS

Now, give a sip-id to every device you sell.

This is a most important device as we will be able to have face to face video chat and conversation.

I know this is doable form current android tablets but many of them do not contains webcam, many do not contain sipdroid or other software to do this. moreover users are never comfortable with manual setting. If you ask user to create a sip address and then tell user to feed all setting manually  then you user will feel unconformable.
Mobile phone has made a great success just because they are "dial and use" concept.
I don't like the idea of GSM/CDMA, everytime i have to change my mobile number. SIP is a universal telephony number. I believe that SIP is OpenStandard. If not create and use OpenStandard.
I have purchased a 7inch Android tablet with 5500 INR. If we add a camera and buy in bulk then we Indian can get Videofone at 5000 INR.

== Android as Offline Wikipedia / Ebook reader==

the 7inch tablet has a SD card slot. I can put whole wikipedia many other ebooks a 8GB SD card.
In 5000 INR, we can have a offline wikipedia. This will be much better then wikireader -

== Android as Photoalbum / VideoPlayer/ Youtube Player ==
If you remove Wifi/LAN and many other feature from Android tablet. we will be able to get a very low cost Photoframe/VideoPlayer. 7inch to 10 inch size will be great. I think one will be able to get such photoframe cum VideoPlayers in just 3000/- INR

== Android as  E-content Book ==

Recently I visited E-India conference, Almost all e-content seller are now searching for low cost devices which can play their flash based e-learning content. Android and OLPC fit best in the picture.

I see a great future in making application specific device rather then create one-stop solution which has everything.
Also, I see a great future of Android and ARM. ARM is the key to the future for many embedded solution.
After mobile, we are now going to see a Android revolution where single baseline design will be mass manufactured to give lowest cost computing device.

Very soon, price of ARM boards and Android board will be very cheap and highly available. Future is all about technology. After some years I will be able to get real time data from my son's GPS bicycle which will be equipped with Linux and I will be proudly "sshing the bicycle"

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