06 August 2010

National conference on Free Software and education - September 10-12

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From: Sasi Kumar
Date: Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 4:48 PM
Subject: [fosscomm] National conference on Free Software and education
To: Indian FOSS Community Network list <>

FSF India, SPACE and NIT, Calicut, are organising a national
conference on Free Software and Education at Calicut during September
10-12. We expect to have speakers from prominent institutes such as
IIT, TIFR, IIIT, etc. who will explain why only Free Software should
be used in education and also demonstrate applications like Octave,
Maxima, GNU R, etc. that can be used in various courses in our
institutions of higher education. We also hope to have Stallman
delivering the keynote address. The conference will also give a call
to all institutions of higher education to use only Free Software in
the various curricula. We hope this will help in our advocacy efforts
with universities and other institutions. Several academicians from
other countries are interested in endorsing this call.

We request our members to help bring to the conference people who make
decisions on curricula. We shall give further details as soon as the
website of the conference is set up.


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