28 August 2010

Invitation for 1 day Seminar on "Software Patents and the Commons" at 1 Sept 2010

We are jointly holding the following event:

                   Software Patents and the Commons

                                1st September, 2010,

         Lecture Hall, India International Center Annexe, New Delhi.
Organized by Software Freedom Law Centre,Knowledge Commons and
                  Center for Internet and Society.
Sponsored by Red Hat.

Concept Note and Agenda  :

Over the past few years, commons-based approaches have emerged as a  significant source of knowledge creation and innovation. Today, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) power 455 out of the top 500 supercomputers1 in the world, and almost 56 percent of the web servers on the Internet.
Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia developed collaboratively by users  around the world is today the most used reference material in the world.

This one day seminar, "Software Patents and the Commons" will look at the broad issue of "Commons" versus" Intellectual Property", and the  specific issue of software patents,
We have a number of experts with us including Prof. Eben Moglen, Dr. Zaki Thomas, Shri Madhukar Sinha, Shri T.C. James, etc.
We hope you will be with us in the Seminar on Software Patents and the Commons.

Narendra Sisodiya
Community Manager
Knowledge Commons

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