19 August 2010

Idea for "Reset GUI" for Linux Desktop

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 1:36 AM, Khirod Patra wrote:
I have also faced this of problem in past, When I used to configure my network from the
interface file in ubuntu 10.04 . when I restart the network the network icon has been disappeared.I have no problem in my network access, but still I am not able to bring back the network icon in the panel. I have checked from  the startup , and it is still there, but no luck.

In the worst case, you can create a new user. The new user will be having everything OK.
Now you either use new user Or just copy hidden configuration files from new user to your home directory to reset the configuration

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How about create a right click script - "Reset Desktop GUI"

When you call this script, It will reset .configuration files in current account.

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Alok said...

to reset our default desktop we can do one thing. as our personal setting in present in our home directory as hidden files and folders which starts with dot.
so just log out your graphical session and login to console session by pressing Ctrl+Alt+F[1-6]
$mv .mozilla mozilla (to backup firefox bookmarks and password)
$sudo rm -rf .* (to remove all setting files)
$mv mozilla .mozilla
now press Ctrl+D to log out
now press Ctrl+F7 to relogin to your graphical session