14 August 2010

Do not use the term "Freedom of Choice"

Many a times in mailing list I use to encounter the term - "Freedom of Choice"
Please do not use this term because most of the time it use to convey wrong meaning, specially for the FOSS  world.
You always have freedom to do anything but it does not means that you can kill anybody or you can spit on somebody's house.
There are two "Don't do" in world. first is morally 'don't do' and second is legally. Take first one at priority.
The point was raise when we are not including MONO in SchoolOS. It does not harm "Freedom to learn" or "Freedom to use software". But this is wrong in our principles. the principles and value behind the open and freely accessible system.
Our education must not teach 'patent encumbered technologies' like .NET and other. If we do so, we will be helping Monopoly of some moronic companies whose aim is to take control of anything.
If your son ask for 'freedom to behave like anything' then will you give.
Same thing, we as a educationist must decide what to teach and what not to teach. This is a decision process and If we have proper reasoning for our principle and believes then we should not worry about restricted set of tool and software in education.

update : small typo is corrected. 

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