30 August 2010

ICTs & Urban Microenterprises: IDRC Research Report #ICT4D #IITD

Thanks Vignesh Sir for sharing it.

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From: ICTD 2010 <>
Date: Mon, Aug 30, 2010 at 12:19 PM
Subject: ICTs & Urban Microenterprises: IDRC Research Report
To: "P. Vigneswara Ilavarasan"

Dear Colleague:

Sincere apologies for the unsolicited mail. We are pleased to share the final research report on ICTs & Urban Microenterprises, funded by IDRC Canada.
Full report is available at:
Kindly find the executive summary pasted below.

Warm regards,





Executive Summary


The research reported here was guided by three questions: (1) What are the current and potential patterns of mobile phone, landline, PC, and Internet café use among urban microentrepreneurs? (2) Are mobile phones, PCs, and Internet cafés related to the stability or growth of urban microenterprises? (3) Can we identify those urban microentrepreneurs and/or microenterprises for which ICT use is associated with economic growth?


We conducted in-depth interviews in Mumbai City, India, with 329 male owners or managers of microenterprises and 231 female owners of microenterprises from April through June 2009. In addition, data from a convenience sample of 102 men and women was carried out in September and November 2009. We defined microenterprises as businesses that had more than one but fewer than twenty hired workers. We found that:


Nearly everyone who owned or managed a microenterprise—regardless of sex—had a mobile phone.


Many female and male microentrepreneurs who owned or managed microenterprises and who used a mobile for business communication reported that the year-over-year income of their business had risen.

Urban microentrepreneurs experience different levels of economic growth depending on how they use their mobiles for business communication.


The positive impact of mobile phones on microenterprises might emerge only after two years of use. Microentrepreneurs who owned a mobile for two years or less saw some growth in business income; those who had begun to use their mobile more than two years earlier experienced even greater income growth.


Levels of PC ownership and usage at home and work were low.


Few microentrepreneurs frequented Internet cafés for business purposes.


Only small numbers used their mobiles for the full range of business-enhancing activities.


Consideration of a microentrepreneur’s full repertoire of ICT use showed a positive relationship with microenterprise growth, especially when other factors such as gender and motivation were also taken into account.

Compared to women-owned microenterprises, microenterprises owned or managed by men had much greater increases in business income, although female owned microenterprises also experience some growth


The more positive a female microentrepreneur felt about her status and power because of her business, the more she was motivated to use ICTs in support of her business.


The more that a woman entrepreneur used mobile phones, workplace computers, etc., the more her microenterprise grew, especially businesses in the trade sector of the informal economy.


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28 August 2010

Invitation for 1 day Seminar on "Software Patents and the Commons" at 1 Sept 2010

We are jointly holding the following event:

                   Software Patents and the Commons

                                1st September, 2010,

         Lecture Hall, India International Center Annexe, New Delhi.
Organized by Software Freedom Law Centre,Knowledge Commons and
                  Center for Internet and Society.
Sponsored by Red Hat.

Concept Note and Agenda  :

Over the past few years, commons-based approaches have emerged as a  significant source of knowledge creation and innovation. Today, Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) power 455 out of the top 500 supercomputers1 in the world, and almost 56 percent of the web servers on the Internet.
Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia developed collaboratively by users  around the world is today the most used reference material in the world.

This one day seminar, "Software Patents and the Commons" will look at the broad issue of "Commons" versus" Intellectual Property", and the  specific issue of software patents,
We have a number of experts with us including Prof. Eben Moglen, Dr. Zaki Thomas, Shri Madhukar Sinha, Shri T.C. James, etc.
We hope you will be with us in the Seminar on Software Patents and the Commons.

Narendra Sisodiya
Community Manager
Knowledge Commons

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Creative Commons: a user guide

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From: Simone Aliprandi
Date: Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 3:25 PM
Subject: [cc-community] Creative Commons: a user guide

Hi everyboby.
My name is Simone Aliprandi and I am an Italian lawyer and independent
This is my first message in this list. Till today, I has just
subscribed the Italian list.
Now I'm here looking for international networing.
As my first discussing topic, I would like to show my last production:
"Creative Commons: a user guide" ( ):
it is an operational manual which guides creators step by step in the
world of Creative Commons licenses.
I hope you can appreciate it and you can help me sending your comments
and your suggestions.
Thanks. Bye.

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[OT] Its time to boycott Microsoft and its Product : Microsoft Patents Ones, Zeroes

  news says -
     In what CEO Bill Gates called "an unfortunate but necessary step to protect our intellectual property from theft and exploitation by competitors," the Microsoft Corporation patented the numbers one and zero Monday.
With the patent, Microsoft's rivals are prohibited from manufacturing or selling products containing zeroes and ones—the mathematical building blocks of all computer languages and programs—unless a royalty fee of 10 cents per digit used is paid to the software giant.
     This is totally a monopolistic approach. I request to boycott Microsoft and its products from Indian government. I do not know how this will be possible but this step is highly needed.
Open Source Products are better.

Update : 

That news is old. I do not know that is valid or not. I was confused between current news and the old
current news is this  -

"A firm run by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen filed suit alleging 11 technology companies are violating patents developed at a Silicon Valley lab that Allen financed more than a decade ago. Named in the lawsuit: Apple, Google, AOL, eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Staples, Yahoo and Google's YouTube subsidiary. The suit doesn't name Microsoft, or other tech companies in Seattle where Allen is based, and it doesn't estimate a damage amount. The suit lists violations of four patents (PDF) for technology that appear to be key components of the operations of the companies — and that of e-commerce and Internet search companies in general."

FOSS meeting at Knowledge Commons Office - Sunday 29 August

Venue : Knowledge Commons Lower ground Floor, B-130, Shivalik, Malviya Nagar, Delhi
Time : 3pm to 5pm
Date : Sunday 29 August 2010
Free Wifi , Chips and Cold drinks,

Meeting agenda

* SchoolOS and its further development
* Students projects and mentorship program at Knowledge Commons.
* Technical Discussion about FOSS, standards and all tech-chatpat...
* Whatever you like.

Contact Persons : Narendra Sisodiya (9312166995)

Directions to reach venue  : it is 4 minute walkable from Sabka Bazar which is located at Shivalik Road

28.535750, 77.206784
+28° 32' 8.70", +77° 12' 24.42"

Show on Google Maps
Google Maps

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26 August 2010

How to become SchoolOS ISO distributor

This is a purely volunteer based activity.
If you want to become schoolOS distributor then it is very easy.
First locate any iso distributor near to you. Phone him to get iso image.
If you do not have any iso distributor then ask schoolos team to get a free of cost SchoolOS DVD by speedpost. (
Once you received the schoolos DVD, we will add your name in the list.


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SchoolOS is announcing 41 iso distribution centers across the whole India.

Today, we are now announcing 41 SchoolOS iso distribution centers across the India.
This is first of its own kind of network of volunteers across whole India who are ready to provide ISO image of SchoolOS.
If you want to become SchoolOS Distributor in your area then you can contact at -

we are expecting to grow to the 100 schoolos iso distribution centers by next one month.

Thanks for love and support.

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21 August 2010

Difference between Open Standards and Close Standards : Stop using Microsoft Office.

This is a Close Standard , You can not understand !

#Do not use Microsoft Office, As a developer , I cannot understand their propitiatory formats
This is a Open Standard, You can understand

#Use Open Office, I can unzip the open office files and I can see everything. I can read specification and I can develop new software.

19 August 2010

Idea for "Reset GUI" for Linux Desktop

On Thu, Aug 19, 2010 at 1:36 AM, Khirod Patra wrote:
I have also faced this of problem in past, When I used to configure my network from the
interface file in ubuntu 10.04 . when I restart the network the network icon has been disappeared.I have no problem in my network access, but still I am not able to bring back the network icon in the panel. I have checked from  the startup , and it is still there, but no luck.

In the worst case, you can create a new user. The new user will be having everything OK.
Now you either use new user Or just copy hidden configuration files from new user to your home directory to reset the configuration

#IDEA ----------
How about create a right click script - "Reset Desktop GUI"

When you call this script, It will reset .configuration files in current account.

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18 August 2010

Why ARM and Android is future and why you should invest your energy in Android

== Android as Videophone==

I just want a 7 to 8 inch android tablet with following configuration.

* Webcam
* Speaker
* Bluetooth
* Touch Screen
* Wifi/LAN/3G modem for Internet Connection. I do not care for Voice calling via GSM/CDMA.
* Must Support Broadband + modem like reliance netconnect/tata indicom pulg 2 surf etc.
* must support GPRS

Now, give a sip-id to every device you sell.

This is a most important device as we will be able to have face to face video chat and conversation.

I know this is doable form current android tablets but many of them do not contains webcam, many do not contain sipdroid or other software to do this. moreover users are never comfortable with manual setting. If you ask user to create a sip address and then tell user to feed all setting manually  then you user will feel unconformable.
Mobile phone has made a great success just because they are "dial and use" concept.
I don't like the idea of GSM/CDMA, everytime i have to change my mobile number. SIP is a universal telephony number. I believe that SIP is OpenStandard. If not create and use OpenStandard.
I have purchased a 7inch Android tablet with 5500 INR. If we add a camera and buy in bulk then we Indian can get Videofone at 5000 INR.

== Android as Offline Wikipedia / Ebook reader==

the 7inch tablet has a SD card slot. I can put whole wikipedia many other ebooks a 8GB SD card.
In 5000 INR, we can have a offline wikipedia. This will be much better then wikireader -

== Android as Photoalbum / VideoPlayer/ Youtube Player ==
If you remove Wifi/LAN and many other feature from Android tablet. we will be able to get a very low cost Photoframe/VideoPlayer. 7inch to 10 inch size will be great. I think one will be able to get such photoframe cum VideoPlayers in just 3000/- INR

== Android as  E-content Book ==

Recently I visited E-India conference, Almost all e-content seller are now searching for low cost devices which can play their flash based e-learning content. Android and OLPC fit best in the picture.

I see a great future in making application specific device rather then create one-stop solution which has everything.
Also, I see a great future of Android and ARM. ARM is the key to the future for many embedded solution.
After mobile, we are now going to see a Android revolution where single baseline design will be mass manufactured to give lowest cost computing device.

Very soon, price of ARM boards and Android board will be very cheap and highly available. Future is all about technology. After some years I will be able to get real time data from my son's GPS bicycle which will be equipped with Linux and I will be proudly "sshing the bicycle"

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Why you must says that - "Linux has no virus at all"

Dear Satish,

      have you ever heard about probability ?
      when a baby born in a world, there is a very little probability exist that he will die due to AIDS/HIV. So if you calculate child death rate then you can actually neglect this statistics when you have other major reason for child death.
      Similarly, Linux may have a virus. Tell me how many Linux user got Linux virus. I am using Linux from last 6 years and never found any virus problem. Every windows user gets thousand virus everyday. So there is no comparison exist between 1 million Windows Virus vs 1-2 Linux virus.

On Wed, Aug 18, 2010 at 9:49 AM, Satish Eerpini
hello there,

Looking at the communities involved in the development (NCERT, IIT Delhi .. etc), I am really shocked no one realized this mistake. Linux like any other OS is prone to Virus attacks, but since Linux is not very popular, most virus are targeted at MS Windows. The statement Linux OS is not prone to virus is a blunder  and shows the low level of technical know-how, please correct ASAP. Please don not tweak facts for propaganda.

Highly appreciate the effort.


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14 August 2010

Union Bank of India Official website - #fail #unionbank

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From: Joseph Winworth

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Do not use the term "Freedom of Choice"

Many a times in mailing list I use to encounter the term - "Freedom of Choice"
Please do not use this term because most of the time it use to convey wrong meaning, specially for the FOSS  world.
You always have freedom to do anything but it does not means that you can kill anybody or you can spit on somebody's house.
There are two "Don't do" in world. first is morally 'don't do' and second is legally. Take first one at priority.
The point was raise when we are not including MONO in SchoolOS. It does not harm "Freedom to learn" or "Freedom to use software". But this is wrong in our principles. the principles and value behind the open and freely accessible system.
Our education must not teach 'patent encumbered technologies' like .NET and other. If we do so, we will be helping Monopoly of some moronic companies whose aim is to take control of anything.
If your son ask for 'freedom to behave like anything' then will you give.
Same thing, we as a educationist must decide what to teach and what not to teach. This is a decision process and If we have proper reasoning for our principle and believes then we should not worry about restricted set of tool and software in education.

update : small typo is corrected. 

हिन्दी अनुवाद संबंधी (idea for hindi to any Indic lang)

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From: Ankur Gupta <ankurgupta555 AT>
Date: 2010/8/13
Subject: अनुवाद संबंधी

नरेन्द्र भैया,

मैंने यूट्यूब पर कुछ भाषा संबंधी वीडियो देखे तो पता चला कि चाहे तमिल हो गुजराती हो या हिन्दी हो सब में "अ","आ","इ","ई" होता है। अंग्रेजी की तरह अलग वर्णमाला नही होती है।
इन भारतीय भाषाओं में मुझे केवल लिपि और शब्दों का अंतर समझ में आया बाकी सब वही है।
मेरे दिमाग में आया कि क्यों न कुछ ऐसा सॉफ्टवेयर बनाया जाए जो कि किसी भी भारतीय भाषा में लिखे पाठ्य को दूसरी भारतीय भाषा में लिपि और शब्दों समेत बदल दे। इससे देशी इंटरनेट फोरमों में अंग्रेजी से काफी निजात मिल सकती है क्योंकि उनमें फिर हर भारतीय अपनी मातृभाषा में लिखेगा भी और पढ़ेगा भी। और केवल इंटरनेट फोरम ही क्यों पूरा का पूरा भारतीय साहित्य एक भाषा से दूसरी भाषा में परिवर्तित आसानी से हो जाएगा। ईमेल हर कोई अपनी भाषा में कर सकेगा और पढ़ भी सकेगा।
आप बोलेंगे कि गूगल पहले से ही गूगल ट्रांसलेट नामक सेवा चला रहा है। तो महत्वपूर्ण बात यह है कि वह सेवा केवल एक भारतीय भाषा हिन्दी के लिए है, उसमें और भारतीय भाषाएं नही हैं। दूसरा ये कि उसकी तकनीक बंद स्रोत है यानि कि मशीनी अनुवाद की वो विद्या केवल गूगल के चंद इंजीनियर ही जानते हैं। तीसरा ये कि भारतीय भाषाएं आपस में मिलती जुलती हैं अत: मुझे लगता है कि इनके लिए आपस में अनुवाद का सॉफ्टवेयर अधिक अच्छा बन सकता है।

मेरा आपको ईमेल करने का उद्देश्य यह जानना था कि  क्या आप पहले किसी ऐसे अनुवाद सॉफ्टवेयर में काम कर चुके हैं? इसके एल्गोरिद्म आदि के संबंध में यदि पहले कुछ काम हो चुका हो तो उसके संबंध में जानकारी मिल जाए तो बहुत अच्छा रहे।

अंकुर गुप्ता

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07 August 2010

Mr A Raja (Union Minister for IT & Communications, GoI) appreciated in OLPC

Yesterday I (Narendra Sisodiya), Interacted with Union Minister of IT & Communication GoI, about OLPC. we expressed our vision of OLPC to him. He appreciated OLPC. Here is a picture attached which was published in newspaper.

Today I also blogged about the OLPC and its Tax Duties, read here -

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OLPC should purchase 1 million laptop from Govt of India

I just want to give another proof where the current system of Governance in India is NOT supporting OLPC.
Per OLPC the cost of shipping is $65.1 (appx Rs 3000 )
On the one hand , MHRD of India talks about a $35 laptop (mission impossible) and, on the other end they charge roughly twice the proposed cost as duties.

Recently Nicholas Negroponte of OLPC offered 'free of cost' access of all the OLPC technology and MIT lab to India. Can the Govt of India make a counter offer of buying 10,000 laptops for each language area and test it out how it will work and see that this laptop is actually more than a laptop- its a complete, general purpose computer along with dozens of unique capabilities that NO OTHER computer has.

If there is a product which is meant for education then Govt of India must stop punishing it by removing duties to promote its adoption in the villages.

Comment on MHRD $35 Dollar.

Last year MHRD talked about $10 laptop and now $35. See nobody can produce tablets at this price. When MHRD announced about the $35 laptop, China must have celebrate 'National Joke Day'.

India's corruption is a legion. Even if the country could produce one at a cost in the range of $35-75 finally after a couple of years it will still be a huge scam on account of becoming an eWaste  within a short while.

When ever I show OLPC to anybody first I throw it on the floor. You cannot make such a good design at such a cheap price. Negroponte already underlined that OLPC is not a cheap laptop. It is an inexpensive laptop.

Final comment.

We want to purchase laptops from GoI at $35 to existing OLPC specification. Make your own assembly line and produce this OLPC at $35. We are ready to buy them at $100 as well.

We at OLPC already have a purchase order for for a few million XO laptops from the developing countries. If India Govt can build our laptop at $100, I am ready to buy 1 million now.
Below is the part of confidential mail

There is a total of $65,100.00 needed to ship 1000 laptops with a DDP incoterm.
Please advice how additional funds will be transfered to OLPC in order to ship laptops DDP.

Correction in my blog.

   1. I have corrected the title of the blog.  read 'OLPCIndia will purchase'  as 'OLPC should purchase'
   2. $65.1 dollar is Custom Duties (this is not shipping cost, this is in addition to shipping cost) when one XO laptop comes in

  3.  This is my personal blog. This is not an official blog of OLPC India. I have expressed my own view and should not be considered as official statement from OLPC-India Or  OLPC.

│    Narendra Sisodiya
│    OLPC-India, Technical Consultant

06 August 2010

Why I am sending SchoolOS ISO image and not DVD #udit

Dear All (who are think like Udit, who tried to gave me some suggestions)
I do social work out of my time but I do not put my pocket money in it.
I cannot send 'Free of Cost' SchoolOS DVD to anybody.
If you want SchoolOS free of Cost SchoolOS then I suggest the ways to get it

1) Download it.

However I do not sell SchoolOS DVD. there are some vendors and student who are selling SchoolOS DVD at 110/- per shipping. you can sell SchoolOS DVD, No body will be having any objection. you can find SchoolOS vendor list on its website

I have started a small scheme for shipping free of cost SchoolOS ISO image to limited persons. I am shipping free of cost ISO image to those who are ready to become 'free distributors' , I will list their address on website and other persons can go to their home/hostel to collect these ISO image.

Now their is one question you asked ?
Why I am sending ISO image in DVD and not the SchoolOS DVD.
It is very simple. SchoolOS distributor needs ISO image for distribution. They can create burn DVD.

If I send them DVD then how they will duplicate? They will make a new iso image out of DVD. This process may create corrupt images.
In DVD i am sending iso image with checksum. So that when iso image arrived  schoolos distributor can check that they got valid image or not.

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National conference on Free Software and education - September 10-12

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From: Sasi Kumar
Date: Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 4:48 PM
Subject: [fosscomm] National conference on Free Software and education
To: Indian FOSS Community Network list <>

FSF India, SPACE and NIT, Calicut, are organising a national
conference on Free Software and Education at Calicut during September
10-12. We expect to have speakers from prominent institutes such as
IIT, TIFR, IIIT, etc. who will explain why only Free Software should
be used in education and also demonstrate applications like Octave,
Maxima, GNU R, etc. that can be used in various courses in our
institutions of higher education. We also hope to have Stallman
delivering the keynote address. The conference will also give a call
to all institutions of higher education to use only Free Software in
the various curricula. We hope this will help in our advocacy efforts
with universities and other institutions. Several academicians from
other countries are interested in endorsing this call.

We request our members to help bring to the conference people who make
decisions on curricula. We shall give further details as soon as the
website of the conference is set up.


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05 August 2010

[Trick] Catch Invisible Friends On GTalk The Python Way

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Tha.Suresh

Ever wanted to know that someone is really offline or has just gone
invisible in GTalk? Here is a small trick. The bellow peace of python
code get the list of invisible users from your GTalk buddy list. It
uses XMPP module for python. You can install this module in
Ubuntu/Debian via apt. It also requires python dns module.

sudo aptitude install python-xmpp python-dnspython

Now here is our script. Open your favorite text editor and save the
code as ‘’. Dont forget to fill your gtalk username and
password in the script.

import xmpp

# Google Talk constants
GMAIL_PASS = "secret passwd"


if not C.connect((GTALK_SERVER,5222)):
   raise IOError('Can not connect to server.')
if not C.auth(jid.getNode(),GMAIL_PASS):
   raise IOError('Can not auth with server.')


def myPresenceHandler(con, event):
  if event.getType() == 'unavailable':
    print event.getFrom().getStripped()

C.RegisterHandler('presence', myPresenceHandler)
while C.Process(1):

$ python
So , Next time do not let anyone fool you , rather catch him Invisibly.   ;-)

Thanks to

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04 August 2010

We do not sell e-waste #olpc

Today was the first day of EIndia Conference 2010 -
At the end of the conference I got 3 minute to talk with D Sridhar Babu - Minister for Higher Education and NRI affairs, Govt of Andra Pradesh.
In 3 minute interaction he asked about the price. I told the price of XO laptop. He told me that - "We want  $10 laptop"
I replied back - "we do not sell e-waste"

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01 August 2010

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PS: Fortunately and Unfortunately , All blog postings done by me. I request other member to become active on Blog.

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Get Free of Cost SchoolOS DVD* (conditions apply)

Add your address at

SchoolOS ( is Indian Linux Distribution. It is based on Ubuntu 9.10. Now we are offering Free ISO image of SchoolOS.

But We are offering this Free of Cost Offer to only those who want to become SchoolOS Distributor.

After receiving SchoolOS ISO image, we will put your contact address on our website. You will become a SchoolOS Distributor. Those who want SchoolOS will visit your place to collect ISO image.

Also, you need not to burn DVD for anybody. If somebody ask for burning DVD, You should or You may charge for DVD burning service (INR 100 to 200)

This will be valid upto 10 Aug 2010. Any request for free DVD after 10 Aug 2010 will not be entertained.

Please note that we will send ISO image in DVD. If you want to install SchoolOS then you need to burn iso on a DVD or install iso on USB.


Team SchoolOS

PS: If you want to get SchoolOS DVD, without becoming SchoolOS Distributor, you need to pay for DVD service. Please contact feedback AT for purchasing SchoolOS media. I have already gave a blogpost on

We are looking for SchoolOS Linux DVD Distributor & Support Persons

But I didn't get any response out of it.

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First IRC meeting Sunday 1 Aug : 9pm to 11pm

We wanted to make a discussion on what time we should start our IRC but we are running out of time.
So guys, Lets pic up this time to inaugurate/Start our IRC channel.

Topic of Discussion

* What ever you like, Basically, the focus will be on organizing workshop

Do not forget to come online so we all can come and discuss all together.

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