25 July 2010

"One Wikipedia Per School"

I have a active participation in OLPC project in India. While visiting to village I felt that
  • It is difficult to deploy OLPC because of high cost in India.
  • Govt is relativity immune and unable to find money for large scale deployments.
  • Even if someone deploy OLPC in a classroom, unavailability of  "class teacher" who can teach OLPC.
  • In the village "Kikarwali" almost No OLPC Laptop were used. They were use only for the time of inspection of school.

While visiting a new idea clicked in my mind. -- "We first need Knowledge equality then the Computing equality". I think we should first concentrate on Interactive kiosk for Offline Wikipedia . Have you seen $99 doller Open Hardware Wikireader. We can build Interactive kiosk ( Or Terminal where student can come and read wikipedia. One Wikipedia per School can be a great project. Village first need knowledge.
I am now working on this concept and need your feedback and how you liked the idea.


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