18 July 2010

Why the new rupee symbol sucks. Phi should be the Rupee Symbol.

I do not know why designer cannot think in simple ways.
Current Rupee symbol looks ugly (yes it is and it has no correlation with Tricolor). The design is totally asymmetric.
Moreover I totally dislike the idea to create new symbol. We have got enough symbols in unicode. Creating new symbol design files, changing the unicode layout, installing in all OS is a huge task. This cannot be done overnight.
The best approach is to reuse the existing symbol. Is it wrong to reuse the existing symbol. Also why the hell you all looking for a symbol which looks like "R" Or "र"

I propose to take back the decision take Phi as rupee symbol. Phi is a unicode accepted symbol U+03D5
(uppercase Φ, lowercase φ or math symbol ϕ), from
Here are the reason why I prefer to vote for Phi

  • Phi Φ is looks like Zero. The invention made by India. We can tell that this symbol is inspired from "Zero"
  • Phi Φ is symmetric
  • Phi Φ is pre-installed in all system (via unicode)
  • It will be reuse of the existing work

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