07 July 2010

Why I am excited about Firefox 4 Beta - My review on Firefox 4 beta #firefox #firefox4 #beta

Well, you can view full list here  -

But the things which I like are here

  • Full WebGL   (Wow - remember GWT-quake demo - )
  • Native support for the HD HTML5 WebM video format. (Wow again, Now I can un-install Chrome in near future because I only use chrome for watching html videos from youtube).
  • Websockets for a low complexity, low latency, bidirectional communications API -- Finally this websocket based chat will work -
  • It also support SVG animation - Just wow, finally, it is going to support svgeditplay demo - My demo was waiting from a long time to kiss Mozilla.(previously it was supported only in Opera, So time to uninstall Opera too).

Well developer can go to -
and those who want to download can visit

I am so happy as my project deals with websocket and SMIL animation. Both are now coming into this release.

Thanks you mozilla.

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