28 July 2010

We are looking for SchoolOS Linux DVD Distributor & Support Persons

SchoolOS is a Indian Linux DVD for Schools and General Purpose. It has been developed by IITDelhi, KnowledgeCommons and NCERT. We are now looking for selling partners for SchoolOS DVD.
You can get information on SchoolOS on
If you are agree to sell SchoolOS DVD (at your own minimum price) then we will list you on & NCERT/IITDelhi website as Official SchoolOS Distributors.
We are NOT going to take a single penny(paisa) from your sell or business. So, you are you ready to sell SchoolOS Linux DVD then please let me know
SchoolOS Linux DVD = Ubuntu 9.10 - removed mono applications + Added lots of codec and Lots of software like VLC etc + Add lots of Education Software + Added Indian fonts and language support + other useful customizations.
We are also looking for SchoolOS Support Provider. As a Support Providers, you task is to install SchoolOS in the school labs.


pramod said...

i could be a distributor and support provider i can comfortably work with debian based opperating systems contact me on

Anonymous said...

Hello Narendra, I will be glad to participate and support, as well as practical. Location : Chembur (north-east Mumbai). Profile : self-employed, mostly consulting work for SMEs, ubuntu-fan since 2005, free-software evangelist,
Cheers. Pls mail me at schoolos[at]technife[dot]com
Cheers VKB