11 July 2010

Smartphone as ThinClients

Trend of computing show that we are looking for a lightweight device.
Future is all about a single device (a smartphone) which will do following task
  • Office & Internet Computing
  • Communication (audio, video)
I guess, soon they Smartphones will be used as ThinClients.
There are very interesting business model.
Google or another company can provide "Operating System on Cloud". You can boot your OS from your android smartphones. Your smartphone will behave like a thinclient which will boot over wifi/wimax or anyother wireless technology.
All you need to carry your smartphone and do your communication and computing anywhere in the world.
     you will get a bill every month which will show you "CPU power used", "memory used", "Bandwidth used" etc. and other calculation.
     your OS on cloud can have 100GB+ storage and you can play any file at any time anywhere.

just a prediction.......

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