17 July 2010

QtWebkit - The fastest way to create desktop application using web technologies

If you want to create desktop application and if you are aware of web-development stuff like JavaScript, html5 etc then Qtwebkit is the most easiest way to develop software.
In this program, I create a small application.
Application contains 2 buttons and one webpage element. (It looks like 3 buttons but the third button is from test.html using html input elements )

The first button is "Load webpage". when you click it , it will load test.html. Now you can include any type of webapplication inside test.html
If you application is pure client based then this is ok. but if you want to do more stuff like calling Javascript function from Qt button click and calling Qt function from javascript (stuff like saving local files etc) then this code will help you a lot.

It tool me whole day to debug small mistakes in this starter code. hope this will help you.

PS: if you want to create Qt applications then install qtcreator 

sudo apt-get install qtcreator


Click here to download: (2 KB)

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