30 July 2010

My latest Invention is much much better then Microsoft's & Amazon's invention. Now applying for patent too #fun

      I am IITian. #fakeproud
      IITians were best known for their mind power which has been totally utilized by non-Indian companies. {If you through 10 stones, most liked 7 are going to hit (Computer)Engineer. none of them has written any software code for their patent or country}
      I too wanted to make inventions. Finally I made an invention. It too me long time and a hard work to make this invention. This invention is designed by "Narendra Sisodiya" and He (of-course its me, it is just a style of writing ) claims that his invention is much much better then the invention did by Microsoft and Other Companies.

    Lets looks 2 inventions by these companies.Then I will tell about my Invention.

    For example invented a special button (using HTML & JavaScript) . The name of this button is "Checkout". When user click on this button, His shopping is done. This is one of the great invention by Amazon, prior to that human being was using Money Exchange using Hands. If you read wikipedia article, you would have noticed that they got good money from Apple to use this 'invented feature'
   One of the great invention is done by Microsoft is patent on PageUp and PageDown System. Even they have patent on StartButton, AddressBar and many Other stuff.
    Inspired from these companies, I am now putting my invention.

"Double Fork™" - It is a totally new designed idea of fork. You have never seen this fork (in published format. 4 patent-search guys in my research lab has confirmed that this is totally unique & They have seen all patent related to Kitchen Fork and this is totally unique.) {if you were having same idea and you have not applied for patent, you are a looser}

Normally you need to put "Fork" in noodles plate and rotate the Fork. This process is time consuming. You need at-least 3-5 second to do it. Rotation of Fork is energy consumption Process. Formula to calculate energy consumed can be found here ( Source )
The new invention is just plug and play type. Just put this fork in noodles plate and apply a little force. Huge number of noodles will stuck inside two fork. you can see the picture attached.

The attached picture shows that you can eat Maggy or other noodle &  similar stuff very fast.

Well, I am also patenting my invention so that I can get huge money out of it. I have already applied for patent. 2 week before I already got a huge VC funding for such a innovative products ideas. In my research lab, we have hired 3 lawyers who are dealing writing majority of paper stuff. We have already applied to USPTO and other Patent Office across world.

We are now going to sell license to these forks/spoons. Anybody who produce such spoons/fork without our permission (technically, a license) will be sued in courts. Many Noodles and Eating stuff companies have approached us. Even we have already given license to 1 manufactures. He will give  us 10 INR per packet. each packet will be containing one such Fork. Companies are happy to see such product. One of the manufacture says - 'I am happy to put this innovative product in each packet, Consumers will eat it more and fast, This is a defiantly a sale booster product, It remind me the story of Colgate toothpaste when they boosted their sale by increasing the diameter of opening of toothpaste'

Well, I will upload the patent application very soon but here is a small portion.

"Title : System for Rotationless, Low Energy, Fast, Secured Holding method for eatable stuff using Double Fork Technology"
Inventor : Narendra Sisodiya (India)
Correspondence Address : B-130, shivalik, Malviya Nagar
Assignee : Knowledge Commons
App No : 11/211,119
Filed : Aug 24 , 2005

Abstract :
The Claimed subject matters provides a system and/or a method that facilitates low energy, fast , secured holding method for eatable (edible) stuff. An interface component can leverage a secured way of holding large edible(eatable) stuff inside the invented Fork. Invented Fork provide fast way to eat large stuff. Design is user friendly and low energy based.

[0001] - 1.01 cm distance between two forks inside the Double Fork™ is the most appropriate separation.
[0002] - Double Fork™ is low energy fork. It reduce 35% energy consumption. Weak persons (like bed -rest or totally energy less persons who feel pain is rotating the old style fork can get huge benefit by this )
[0003] - Rotationless™ is unique system by which one can eat noodles without rotation stuff.
[0679] - We claims that using the Double Fork™ provide better HTML5 code writing skills (of-course, our system is time efficient and you can eat fast and code more)

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