31 July 2010

IP-University Forcing Student to Microsoft Word (Microsoft Operating System)

I request all IP university-Delhi students to boycott their circular which FORCE you to use Microsoft Word and slap on your freedom. Demand for ODT/HTML format.
You can find email id -
Please Write mail that you are not happy with decision like this. OpenOffice is available for all platforms.

Use Open Standards !

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Pi¥Û$ħ МДÐДЙ® said...

I'm Piyush Madan, Student of USIT - Campus college of IP University, Kashmere Gate. It feels bad to note this incident but I would like to draw your attention to date of issue of the notice: May 20, 2009. I feel its too late to comment on it. In recent past, I havnt seen any support to MS s/w. I personally know the issuing authority Dr. CS RAI, If got a chance, I will surely talk to him regarding this issue.