03 June 2010

Re-birthing Zine Culture in Indian FOSS communities and connecting colleges and Universities.

Dear all,
      I always work on new idea to serve better to the society. Last few days, I am working on the new idea with connect all universities/college. Here is the rough structure of new idea

What is the idea -- the idea is to re-birth the "zine culture" to connect students - read at -
Zine is a mini-booklet , which is locally published and represent a community voice.

The structure of Zine
* At college level, we need 1-2 campus carrier + 1 or more student for editorial team
* The main editorial team will consist of all the editorial member from each college.

The Process of Zine
* Editorial team will be responsible for collecting articles from their college.
* Students can themself submit articles at zine website Or speed post to Zine's Office.
* Editorial team will also search for news and articles over web with Public license.
* A final print version on A4 sheet with 10-20 pages will be available bi-weekly or monthly.
* pdf format zine will be sent via email or speed post to campus carrier
* Campus carrier will send to local photocopy shop which has maximum student coverage area
* Campus carrier will upload information about photocopy center or printing center. cost of the zine will be equal to photocopy charge which is 50 paisa per single side page in most of the cases
* Campus carrier will send a printer zine to their libraries (he can put his pocket money or take donations from students - will take 10-20  INR per month )
* Student can submit their feedback to website
* College Editorial team can create an additional page for their college specific news. they can add this extra zine page before giving it to photocopy center.

How you can join Zine
* You can write article for zine
* You can join Editorial team to collect news and tech articles
* You can became "campus carrier"
* You can add your idea
* Send this document to your friends and mail them (Do not use select all contact)
* tell your remote friends about this activity

If you have any similar idea or question then please mail me -

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