20 June 2010

Percentage Freedom per page view

Knowledge should be easily accessible. We have Internet by which we can share information. Imagine a world where more then 50% books are in public domain and easily downloadable and printable.

Well I request to form some sort of Digital Library. Lets assume this fictitious Library has a long list of books. Lets see how books can be set to free.

  • At first step, Author writes a books. He transfer his work to Library
  • When this book comes into Library, It is under closed license. User's can only purchase it under certain price. Library will decide price per book. Library will also decide "Total Revenue to be Generated".
  • Now, money can generated from 3 source - (a) Ads  (b) Donation (c) Profit from Print Copy
  • Every book has a "Freedom Percentage" which can be calculated by  -- "Money generated" / "Money to be generate" * 100
  • Now, every time you read that book online, you will increase the freedom of the book.
  • Similarly after certain time, book will become under Public Domain Or similar open license for reusable for any purpose.
  • Its more like a chain reaction process, because when you have a large number of open license books then it becomes easy to remix and reproduce new books.

Any suggestions ?

By -
│    Narendra Sisodiya

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