20 June 2010

My fear about Future at 2035 : The Matrix

Well, I have express, my fear about Future of our earth and unfortunately it comes tom Matrix.

I have record my voice, you can listen here -

Two interesting concepts in my article and my voice

* Time Traversal in virtual world (or Time Flight)
* Soft-body Organs in virtual world

In future we all will be connected to each other by putting a thumbnail size supercomputers inside our body which will be connected via nervous system. Future generation will spend most of the time in the simulated virtual world with new type of soft-body organs. They will be able to feel flying with their soft-feathers. It will be totally new world. We can decide, it will be a good or bad.

Here are some notes from my incomplete article about "danger of virtual world"

<copy-paste from old article>
To see something we need not to have lights, we can see the pictures while dreaming but our eyes are closed. Light give signal to mind and mind process it and we feel the processing. signal to mind can be generated to machines and signal form mind can processed to control the devices.
stage 3.0 to 3.5  is for signal form mind and stage 3.5 to 4.0  is for signal to mind,
Professor Kevin Warwick is first cyborg and "On the 14th of March 2002 a one hundred electrode array was surgically implanted into the median nerve fibres of the left arm of Professor Kevin Warwick .  source  :"
So this is some attempt that we can control the devices and interact with virtual world with at thinking level and at this stage we will not be having any camera for expression and movement detection,,, instead,, human thinking will control the devices and many machines will be operated from far distances.
We will be having new senses and new procedures in mind. Let me clear the new senses and new procedure first : before some year i was not riding cycle. before that i was not having senses for bicycle and at starting i was not able to ride and fall back on ground. I stated slowly slowly i got the learned bicycle riding. while learning my mind was getting and producing signal and trying to control... it was not one day job,, but human mind learn ( more precisely human mind can be programmed) to adopt or learn or control new things ,, like this was we develop new sense and procedure of control in human mind. Initially i was riding the cycle by eyes, hands, legs and back seat  but now i have learned to ride by not touching my hands to handle of cycle. no all control comes from "eyes , legs and backseat " , i can even ride the cycle , take turn on road. how come it happens , by practice i programmed my mind to sense cycle from backseat and get the feeling and give control signal,, effectively we learned cycle and programed our mind, same way,, initially it was difficult to type on keyboard,,with out seeing on keyboard,, but by practice now i can type without seeing it. my mind generate signal to control these devices.
Everybody do these things in daily life Let see how I see  these things,,.

God has given some Hard body organs (I/O devices ) which include hand , legs , eyes , and ears , ,, these gives the Input output to Mind  (which is central processing unit of our body) , men stated learning ( programming ) , The Role of these I/O devices (body organs )  is to give signal and take signal from mind, the work of mind is to process the signals. , How to use these device,?? We use practice to learn (how to move hand, dance, eat, walk,,) and process something is similar to installing a device drivers , We human being need more functionality to work more efficiently, We were having many limitations like , we cannot run faster for long time,, so we stated making  new I/O devices like cycle. For me Cycle is also a Hard body organ which is not directly connected to body . let say it to, Unconnected hard body organ this include keyboard, mouse, bike and such things,,
by practice we have learned how to use them efficiently . Practice for me is way for programming the mind to add new I/O devices or Organs, We have added many unconnected hard organ (I/O devices)..

Suppose we got the method that we are taking input from mind and giving to mind then we will be able to add many Soft -body Organ on this virtual world,, Currently we have 2 hands,,so  our mind take signal form 2 hands and process and give output to 2 hands back,, now let assumes we have 3 Soft Virtual Hands , we will be able to see them and these virtual hands will give signal to mind and mind actually feel that i have total of 5 hands,, and according by practice, our mind will be able to handle all 5 hands,, simultaneously,, In virtual world at this stage we will be having training station where user can learn how to operate the new Soft Virtual Body part . These body can take signal from mind over Internet and process in virtual world and give signal in other format . We can add a virtual eye also so no need to having 3D-eye-glasses.
How we handle hands?, as we see it, and take signal from it and give signal to it,,, so with soft hands you will actually feel that you have attached 3 more hands and getting real signal from Internet and giving back to control signals.
You can even add more organs, Like wheels, flying feathers, and many such known and unknown things,, you will feel exactly bird can feel while flying with soft virtual feathers organs,,  I will not even surprise that there will be many organs that will be plug and play and no such hard practice is need to handle them . See have unconnected Hard body organ like TV, plates , chairs , which are plug and play nature, similar way there will be many soft virtual hand that you will be able to use it in this virtual world,

Virtual Reality at this stage 4.0 will merged with senses and real reality , st this stage we human being will be having merged reality. It will be very difficult to distinguish between virtual reality and real reality. At this stage in Virtual World
</copy-paste from old article>

│    Narendra Sisodiya

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