06 June 2010

How and Why Browser Share Ratio will be changed completely after 6-7 month

  • In near future, All youtube video will be in webm format.
  • webm is supported in newer version of Chrome and Firefox
  • Google will drop its support from flash. All of sudden one day, Youtube will say, -- "dude , its time to use webm format, Please use latest browser"
  • old IE users will not be able to view youtube
  • latest IE9 may support webm format. but for using latest IE9, you need to have latest Windows too.
  • All of sudden, All windows and thus IE users will not be able to use youtube. This we call as 'IE useless day' Now, This will be historic day in Browser history.
  • All of sudden a huge percentage of users will switch to latest Chrome browser. User will not upgrade they windows's PC for sake for IE9, they will upgrade in browser.
  • So we will see a sudden change in browser share in market. IE will be completely out for some months/years form market.

With Youtube as biggest browsing website of world, Google has good amount of Power to become biggest player in market in next 3-4 months.
Let me give you one trick -- "Disable flash by default"
  • By default, if latest version Google Chrome and Firefox, disable flash in default setting (about:config) then there will be a sudden drop of Market ratio of flash player too. Because Latest Firefox and Chrome will takeover 90% of market and this means 90% users will find the flash as disabled. Flash is used fr two sole purpose . (a) Youtube (b) Fam-ville (faceook app). If Google somehow make Farm-Ville in SVG/Canvas/HTML format then, most of the user will not find a reason enable flash in their browser. And yes Scribd is now HTML5. Sildeshare is working hard to shift to HTML5 for their website.
  • A sudden drop of flash payer in market will give boost to floowing things
  • HTML5 will be over-hyped in market.. "good for me"
  • Force all flash based website like Vimeo, Slide-share to shift on HTML5
  • Force all flash based advertisement to use "Smokescreen" Or similar technology - See demo -
  • Finally we will see a huge increase in percentage market ratio of HTML5 based browser, Huge drop in flash's players market. This is the reason, IE9 has jumped into open-standard , HTML5 and svg advocacy otherwise they will loose their 10% market too.
  • </prediction>


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