08 June 2010

Everonn partners with Haryana for Computer education (BOOT)

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Date: 2010/6/8
Subject: Everonn partners with Haryana for Computer education (BOOT)

At 47 crores for 213 schools, the government is spending around 22 lakh rupees per school for 'ICT education'. Though many states have adopted similar 'BOOT' models for ICT education, outsourcing curriculum and pedagogy to technology and 'education technology' companies, this has not produced any meaningful outcomes to show for the the hundreds of crores of rupees spent.  It is noteworthy that though the Kerala IT@Schools 'in-house/integrated' model has shown superior outcomes, it is the BOOT model that is still popular with education departments ...


Everonn partners with Haryana for Computer education
03 June 2010

An agreement was signed between Everonn Education worth INR 47 crore with the director, secondary education, the government of Haryana for implementing Comprehensive Computer Education Project (CCEP) in 213 schools in 20 districts across the state. The project is to be carried out for five years under Build Own and Operate (BOO) and Build Own Operate and Transfer (BOOT) models.

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