30 June 2010

Did I scare any new Open Source users - By John Joshph

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From: John Joseph <>
Date: Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 5:20 PM
Subject: [fsug-tvm] Did I scare any new Open Source users
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 I have to admit first "I have scared more potential Linux users than the  people I have converted " , just because I followed a method of preaching things which the user was not interested intially

  For years I am using Linux , in home and office . even though in our office infrastructure server runs 100% on linux , let it be PDC, Oracle E business suite ,CRM,mailing solution , corporate PBX system ,IDS ,DM, Project Management all run on Linux, but usage of Linux as Desktop is very less. maximum 3 users out of 300 pc users. We had tried our best to motivate users to use Linux . it was not success .We tried to convince them  to use Open office instead of MS office , there is some success in this regard. But overall success rate is very less

    Some of the reason why my Linux evangelism at office did not work , because we were more focussed on the philosophy . The normal end user who use his pc for his personal and business needs is not much concerned as how I was concerned about the need and importance of OpenSource. I missed this point .

     Now I talk less of philosophy than need , and it is showing results .At least from this year beginning onwards I am able to find at least 3 minimum new Linux users. My focus on them was to meet their needs. I install /train those users free of cost in using linux for their personal needs , Some have stuck in using Linux others went back to windows . In some case the users who had gone back to windows had come back saying they need to try out Linux again.

   I have introduced some of my contacts to Linux, by introducing them to boxee/mythtv + hardware for multimedia  such  as  Zotac [] , All those people are happily using their Linux setup. here I am doing what a trojan horse does , propagating Linux with  getting noticed and with out big noise . this users bring reference to me . I am happy they are happy

Another initiative from our side was to make the Microsoft IT support guys and companies comfortable with linux . We had started conducting the free workshop on open source solutions targeting them. Last workshop was on Zimbra mailing solution.The workshop was designed in such a way that the attendees(mostly MS guys)  after the workshop said to us . They never knew giving mailing solution in Linux was so easy. In this workshops we do not stress to much on ideas behind OS.We show them a solution which they can use, or sell.Here Linux is propagated through this MS IT support guys

              In our mailing list , there are incidents in which  new users who used to get flames because of their post , but later we realised scaring someone who post , non linux matters  should be a potential Linux users.

              Now I know , promoting Linux or open source needs great skill of marketing . U need to know what make the user interested. If he is looking for a stable system talk to him about how Linux is suitable for his needs, show him with proof that almost all hardware are supported. By conversation If you are able to make out that this guy is strongly inclined to GPL , talk more and more of importance of GPL.

                It need patience and skill to win war
                           Joseph John

Note:- Products(zimbra,zotac,oracle) which mentioned here are not marketed by me . I did not had the intention to do so through the mailing list

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