30 June 2010

Convert Images to SVG format - Potrace is excellent tool

Dear all,
        If you want to convert images into SVG format then potrace is one good tool. I have tested other tools.
Here is my test observation.

First I create one test svg file using SVG-Edit tool. I create the svg files and named as ActualImage.svg (15.9 KB) ,
Then I used convert command to convert   ActualImage.svg into png and pgm format  - I have attached input.png (72.2 KB),
then I converted input.png to input.pgm format because potrace take pgm format.
then I converted input.pgm into output.svg (8 KB) .

Yup, SVG image got compressed using image to svg conversion. resultant svg image is 50% of actual SVG image and 11% of corresponding png image.

$ potrace -o output.svg input.pgm --svg

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Narendra Sisodiya said...

Posterous has converted svg images into png format. use download gallery to view them