08 May 2010

Why forget Java, C++, Python etc and learn HTML5 , Canvas API and SVG with Firefox and ZHTML

This article may hurt you if you have applied good amount of time in learning in C++, Java, and all other technology because you are suppose the learn best technology (HTML5, SVG, Canvas, jQuery).
See, the answer is very simple, public want one single technology which will work in all OS (Windows, Linux, Mac) and Mobile. This is only possible via HTML5.
For example you want to create document OR write your these, then HTML5 is the best tool. After creating this document , you can send it to anybody and he will be able to view it using browser. Imagine a Desktop, which only have Firefox installed on it. You can develop any type of software using JavaScript and put them like a Firefox addon. In nutshell you can create documents and create software using HTML5.
Here is a small hack. how you are going to deliver the html5 content? If you create document using HTML5 then it will be containing images, css files, js files, etc. My answer is very simple. Just make a zip/tar file of document. use the file extension as .zhtml
you zhtml file is ready. All you need a zhtml viewer. zhtml viewer is a most simple program. zhtml viewer will simple unzip/untar the file into /tmp directory and open the html file into firefox. But we can use Titanium API Or Prizm to create single software which will display zhtml file in a new window, rather then a tab in firefox. What is the advantage ??
You can infinite advantage !
  • If you want to write office document then you need ztml-doc-writer. This will be a software which will provide a OpenOffice type look and feel. It will save files in zhtml files. You can upload zhtml file to server, and display it using iframe. you can send this zhtml file to your friend. All he need a zhtml viewer.
  • If you are a blogger, then you can install <fictitious> zhtml export module. If your reader like your blogpost, then they can download  in zhtml format. After downloading they need a zhtml viewer for it.
  • If you can a programmer and want to create a small software, then you can use jQuery and HTML5 to create your software. After building it, just zip it. Your zhtml file is ready. run your software at anywhere in world. even at mobile, all you need a zhtml viewer.
  • If you want some animated content then you can do it using SVG.
  • If your govt is investing huge money to create e-learning content, then make sure, they must create e-learning modules in HTML5. you can now zip the modules into zhtml format. Student will be able to view on mobile too provided they have HTML5 browser.
So finally, just by zipping the HTML5 resource files and making a zhtml viewer is a game changing step. In my view, Operating system vendor need to create a good code to handle Firefox. Firefox can play anything on top of it.

for me , the idea of zhtml is quite interesting. I like the idea of zhtml because if I create a document/application/animations using HTML5 and create zhtml file out of it. then after 100 year too, I/you will be able to see it.

just an idea...

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