23 May 2010

Question - "After upload of Microsoft Office doc on Google doc, There is no animation" Answer - read this post

== Short Answer ==

There is very simple solution exist for this problem.

Step 1 - Install Microsoft Office
Step 2 - Install any Office suite which support ODF format. (for example OpenOffice, OxygenOffice etc)

== Why I am saying so ?==

You are forced to knock the door of Microsoft for any sort of operation on doc/ppt documents. This file contains your data but Microsoft has key to open it. This is called vendor lock-in due to use of non-standards.
      You see beautiful animation in Microsoft Office Documents. but on hard-disk everything is zero and one. No developer understand millions of zero and one. We need to have a decoder application which can understand animation out of these millions of zero and one.  Microsoft only know his format. That is why I hate non-standards. You can watch my video here -
     There is only one solution exist to this. Use OpenStandards Like ODF which openoffice and many other office suite klike Koffice, OxygenOffice etc follows. OpenOffice is well developed and well accepted format for office applications.

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