29 May 2010

Marathi Primary school ebooks available for XO laptop

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From: Harshal Jawale
Date: Sat, May 29, 2010 at 1:06 AM
Subject: [OLPC India] Marathi Primary school ebooks available for XO laptop
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Hello all,

It is my pleasure to make available Marathi Primary School ebooks for the XO laptop for children in India,

I wrote to the Maharashtra State Govt Education Secretary informing him about this project - just to be clear about copyrights etc. I have not heard from anyone so I assume that there is no objection.

I would like to thank the following folks:

  • Soundar from Chennai for his fantastic continuing voluntary contribution in helping to scan these books.
  • My wife, Harshada for designing the HTML layout, images/thumbnails for the Marathi ebooks.
  • Alumni of PUMBA (Pune University MBA) for sponsoring the Marathi ebooks project. The localized educational content project wiki is being hosted on their website.
  • Various OLPC India volunteers for their inputs.
Work is underway to procure Hindi textbooks and Kannada textbooks. We need volunteers to help with this and for other languages.
The ebooks are being released under Creative Commons so that they can be used by others to build on top of it.

It would be great if few of you can test the books. After downloading on XO, open the Browser. On left navigation, under Other, you will see link to the ebooks.

After testing, it would be great to have volunteers help to pass these ebooks to the school in Khairat where real students can use them on their XO.



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