21 May 2010

Kids says, Linux is easy

Dear Community, 
           I have conducted a 5 day workshop at NCERT to introduce opensource tools.

checkout how children enjoy Linux #schoolos 

Here are some few points

* Kids upto class 6-7, love tuxpaint, gobby, kturtle, OpenOfficePresenstation-Animations
* Supertux is most favorite game
* During 5 day workshop for kids at NCERT, I observed that Gnome is more user friendly then Windows XP.
* Kids learn very fast. 10 year old children were able to record their Desktop and cutting-joining Videos using Pitivi video editor.
* Some kids was brilliant at kturtle programming. within a hour they were able to produce complex curves and enjoying turtle movements.
* Teaching opensource to kids was a fun for me too.

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Sathish said...

Good Work NarendraSisodiya...

Keep Rocking...

U have Choosen right persons to induce the essence of LINUX, So that as they grow they would develop a strong group of LINUX users

neeraj said...

Good approach!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I made my 11 year old Niece to use Linux at home and I am astound to see the ease with which she is working.

Yes Linux is easy because if you got some error in windows then there is generally nothing you can do. you just have to restart the entire process!!

But on Linux there could be numerous ways to overcome that error