21 May 2010

Kids says, Linux is easy

Dear Community, 
           I have conducted a 5 day workshop at NCERT to introduce opensource tools.

checkout how children enjoy Linux #schoolos 

Here are some few points

* Kids upto class 6-7, love tuxpaint, gobby, kturtle, OpenOfficePresenstation-Animations
* Supertux is most favorite game
* During 5 day workshop for kids at NCERT, I observed that Gnome is more user friendly then Windows XP.
* Kids learn very fast. 10 year old children were able to record their Desktop and cutting-joining Videos using Pitivi video editor.
* Some kids was brilliant at kturtle programming. within a hour they were able to produce complex curves and enjoying turtle movements.
* Teaching opensource to kids was a fun for me too.

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