18 May 2010

It is time to boycott non-standards

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Dear Community.
      This is Narendra Sisodiya, speaking from Freedom House. If you ask me what is more important between Open Source/Free Sofware and Open Standards. I would give my first priority to Open Standards. An Open Standard is like a voice on digital media. We speak several languages. for example I speak Higlish (a mixer of Hindi and English). Nobody own these language. Imagine a world If these languages are controlled and owned by some fictitious central body. Every time you will speak, you are suppose to pay some amount of money to this central body. You will say this is ridiculous.
       The same principle apply with digital medium too. In digital world, we must work with open standard flash files , doc files and mp4 files are non-standards. Please avoid these file format. use Open Standards.
      An open Standard is a format whose specification is open to everybody. Any programmer can write application to view/edit your files. for example, Open Office Org use ODF file format. ODF is well accepted file format and It is a open standard for office application. We must boycott Microsoft Office format. If you receive any mail with Microsoft office file format then just refuse these mails. similarly , on web, we have HTML5 as the standard for web application. We must boycott all flash based website like vimeo, slideshare, youtube by un-installing flash player. Flash is not a standard of web. Flash is a altogether different browser. Flash should not be the way to transmit your information.
       At the same time use Ogg/ogv format for music and videos. Do not purchase/download MP4 files. Use and promote only ogg videos. Ogg videos can be played directly into firefox without any plug-in. If you have Mp4 files then convert then to ogg.
      Open Standard is very important because, A non-free/close source software can easily be replaced by a free/open source software. All you need good hacker to implement open source version of non-free software. but It takes a real pain to remove/destroy a non-standard Or close-standard.
      I like open world because it open principles distribute power and knowledge in public domain. Having a centralized system for control is always very bad. centralized system can be very cracked easily. This is why like democracy.
     So Guys/Gals, Enjoy the digital freedom with open standards.
     I will upload some more contents from Freedom House. If you around Delhi (India) you can visit Freedom House to getting involved into my activities.

Uninstall flash player
Uninstall Microsoft Office. Use OpenOffice.

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