04 May 2010

How I was able to convince to move NCERT for Open Video Format #ogg #open-standard-advocacy

Its again a great day at NCERT. I went for educational meeting and training purpose. During the meeting I told to capture videos and put up on web. The Joint Director madam, told that they need some sort of streaming server which NIC cannot provide and huge number of videos are lying on harddisk and taps. After meeting we went to computer room and I shown the if the convert their video in ogg format it can be streaming directly in Firefox 3.5+. Madam was quite happy to see this and moreover the size was reduced after converting into ogg format. I discussed about recent HTML5 development. In Govt sector the problem is about awareness. Nobody know these things exists. Anyways, My next task is convert huge number of Videos into ogg format using some script (uhhh 3 hour task...) and then setup their website.... My next level is to put these videos on with Creative Commons license.

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