29 May 2010

Please submit OpenBooks at

The launch of has been delayed till June 2010. At we are trying to publish open book (mostly like Cc-by-sa Or GFDL) type.
We have selected some of the books for printing
Like -
Think CPP (modified version)
RMS assay

We are compiling list of freely printable books. Please submit links to such book this will help us.


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Marathi Primary school ebooks available for XO laptop

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From: Harshal Jawale
Date: Sat, May 29, 2010 at 1:06 AM
Subject: [OLPC India] Marathi Primary school ebooks available for XO laptop
To: "" <>

Hello all,

It is my pleasure to make available Marathi Primary School ebooks for the XO laptop for children in India,

I wrote to the Maharashtra State Govt Education Secretary informing him about this project - just to be clear about copyrights etc. I have not heard from anyone so I assume that there is no objection.

I would like to thank the following folks:

  • Soundar from Chennai for his fantastic continuing voluntary contribution in helping to scan these books.
  • My wife, Harshada for designing the HTML layout, images/thumbnails for the Marathi ebooks.
  • Alumni of PUMBA (Pune University MBA) for sponsoring the Marathi ebooks project. The localized educational content project wiki is being hosted on their website.
  • Various OLPC India volunteers for their inputs.
Work is underway to procure Hindi textbooks and Kannada textbooks. We need volunteers to help with this and for other languages.
The ebooks are being released under Creative Commons so that they can be used by others to build on top of it.

It would be great if few of you can test the books. After downloading on XO, open the Browser. On left navigation, under Other, you will see link to the ebooks.

After testing, it would be great to have volunteers help to pass these ebooks to the school in Khairat where real students can use them on their XO.



India mailing list

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23 May 2010

we now have 1000 members on LUG@IITD Community mailing list

Question - "After upload of Microsoft Office doc on Google doc, There is no animation" Answer - read this post

== Short Answer ==

There is very simple solution exist for this problem.

Step 1 - Install Microsoft Office
Step 2 - Install any Office suite which support ODF format. (for example OpenOffice, OxygenOffice etc)

== Why I am saying so ?==

You are forced to knock the door of Microsoft for any sort of operation on doc/ppt documents. This file contains your data but Microsoft has key to open it. This is called vendor lock-in due to use of non-standards.
      You see beautiful animation in Microsoft Office Documents. but on hard-disk everything is zero and one. No developer understand millions of zero and one. We need to have a decoder application which can understand animation out of these millions of zero and one.  Microsoft only know his format. That is why I hate non-standards. You can watch my video here -
     There is only one solution exist to this. Use OpenStandards Like ODF which openoffice and many other office suite klike Koffice, OxygenOffice etc follows. OpenOffice is well developed and well accepted format for office applications.

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21 May 2010

Kids says, Linux is easy

Dear Community, 
           I have conducted a 5 day workshop at NCERT to introduce opensource tools.

checkout how children enjoy Linux #schoolos 

Here are some few points

* Kids upto class 6-7, love tuxpaint, gobby, kturtle, OpenOfficePresenstation-Animations
* Supertux is most favorite game
* During 5 day workshop for kids at NCERT, I observed that Gnome is more user friendly then Windows XP.
* Kids learn very fast. 10 year old children were able to record their Desktop and cutting-joining Videos using Pitivi video editor.
* Some kids was brilliant at kturtle programming. within a hour they were able to produce complex curves and enjoying turtle movements.
* Teaching opensource to kids was a fun for me too.

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20 May 2010

It time to go back to your schools with SchoolOS/Ubuntu/Fedora #foss #advocacy

Dear Community,
        This is Narendra Sisodiya, from Freedom House. I am sending this mail which came from my student, Siddarth. I am feeling very proud on him. He has done a very good and remarkable job. He is doing his btech currently. He went back to his old schools with Linux based Operating system. Lets celebrate his success.
         Please write you me what you are doing and what you want to do. Lets create a great momentum of FOSS advocacy. I request everyone of you to go back at your schools and tell them to un-install all pirated version of Software. Install and give demo of Linux based Operating system.

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From: siddharth srivastava <>
Date: Thu, May 20, 2010 at 2:31 PM
Subject: hello
To: Narendra Sisodiya <>

hello sir

I was not able to reply you regarding the blog entry you asked as my exams are going on. 
Here's a brief of it.

Last month i went to my school to meet my teachers. There I found favourite teacher who taught us Informatics Practices(we had only that option for computers at my school time).
When I entered the Lab, ma'm wasn't there and I just started interacting with the student who were having there class there. The discussion slowly headed towards open source and Linux stuff. It made me wonder that just a name Linux made them excited. Most of them were interested in linux but feared that it's tough and you need to learn too many commands to work on it. Some of them were familiar with Linux(Ubuntu OS in particular) but most of them imagined linux as a black screen with no fantasy options at all.
Till then ma'm had arrived and I told them about the scenario and requested her to allow me to give a small demo. Well, as expected she agreed. Luckily I always keep a live cd in my bag, so in the next hour I presented them with all the features of linux( mostly non technical though) such as synaptic package manager, games, inbuilt open office and most importantly that it is free, virus free, you virtually don't need to buy anything that you need for linux.
Secondly, as the students were quite interested enough and excited they turned the discussion towards  FOSS. After explaining all stuff about FOSS, the most exciting part cams. I presented before them the source code of many softwares (even simple C++ editors) which were written in Java and C++ (I chose these as they are learning these in school it was more appropriate to get them in FOSS).

I installed Ubuntu on 3 PCs myself and asked the students to install on the rest.
My teacher got so impressed(she had used it earlier but wasn't so comfortable) then asked me to do the same for school's office. So next day, I installed it in the office also with ubuntu server on one PC and internetworked them all. Everything is now getting on linux there now. Oh i forgot to mention that principal's office is also on a dual boot with fedora. Well over a month now, no problems at all and most importantly I didn't hear office people complaining that there computer have crashed(the reason I used to hear when I was a student there )

Note: Sirif some data is inappropriate or not of any concern you can cut or modify any of the part if you wish. I have written this to give an idea what i have done (not a very big thing but got a satisfaction that I have done something)

Siddharth Srivastava

Human Knowledge is for all

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18 May 2010

It is time to boycott non-standards

instead of reading this, watch me on video -
Dear Community.
      This is Narendra Sisodiya, speaking from Freedom House. If you ask me what is more important between Open Source/Free Sofware and Open Standards. I would give my first priority to Open Standards. An Open Standard is like a voice on digital media. We speak several languages. for example I speak Higlish (a mixer of Hindi and English). Nobody own these language. Imagine a world If these languages are controlled and owned by some fictitious central body. Every time you will speak, you are suppose to pay some amount of money to this central body. You will say this is ridiculous.
       The same principle apply with digital medium too. In digital world, we must work with open standard flash files , doc files and mp4 files are non-standards. Please avoid these file format. use Open Standards.
      An open Standard is a format whose specification is open to everybody. Any programmer can write application to view/edit your files. for example, Open Office Org use ODF file format. ODF is well accepted file format and It is a open standard for office application. We must boycott Microsoft Office format. If you receive any mail with Microsoft office file format then just refuse these mails. similarly , on web, we have HTML5 as the standard for web application. We must boycott all flash based website like vimeo, slideshare, youtube by un-installing flash player. Flash is not a standard of web. Flash is a altogether different browser. Flash should not be the way to transmit your information.
       At the same time use Ogg/ogv format for music and videos. Do not purchase/download MP4 files. Use and promote only ogg videos. Ogg videos can be played directly into firefox without any plug-in. If you have Mp4 files then convert then to ogg.
      Open Standard is very important because, A non-free/close source software can easily be replaced by a free/open source software. All you need good hacker to implement open source version of non-free software. but It takes a real pain to remove/destroy a non-standard Or close-standard.
      I like open world because it open principles distribute power and knowledge in public domain. Having a centralized system for control is always very bad. centralized system can be very cracked easily. This is why like democracy.
     So Guys/Gals, Enjoy the digital freedom with open standards.
     I will upload some more contents from Freedom House. If you around Delhi (India) you can visit Freedom House to getting involved into my activities.

Uninstall flash player
Uninstall Microsoft Office. Use OpenOffice.

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11 May 2010

Why FOSS is important for Indian Govt and Education System

I heard some news about India to develop new Operating System. Linux based Operating System are already available in Free and Open Source license. Cost to redevelop Fedora 9 is 50,000 Crore INR. We can use Fedora Or Ubuntu free of cost.
Govt may decide to use FOSS or waste Indian Rupees to redevelop a new OS

FOSS gives ownership of software. Ownership is most important criteria while creating/customizing new Operating System as it will give freedom to modify a ICT tool according to pedagogy rather then just blindly following ICT tools and modifying pedagogical values according to a ICT tool

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│    Society for Knowledge Commons
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Simplest C++ editor for Linux

Open gedit Text Editor

Use the "External Tools" plugin. For compiling a single C++ file, you can set up gedit so that a single key will compile the program. For example, you can set up a g++ tool with options set up like this:

Description: Compile C++
Accelerator: F5
Input: Nothing
Output: Display in bottom pane
Applicability: All documents

With this tool set up, hitting the F5 function key opens up a console at the bottom of the window and runs g++ there. And with this:
Description: Run C++
Accelerator: F6
Input: Nothing
Output: Display in bottom pane
Applicability: All documents

hitting the function key F6 will run the program.

I found this from ubuntu forum

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│    Society for Knowledge Commons
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08 May 2010

Why forget Java, C++, Python etc and learn HTML5 , Canvas API and SVG with Firefox and ZHTML

This article may hurt you if you have applied good amount of time in learning in C++, Java, and all other technology because you are suppose the learn best technology (HTML5, SVG, Canvas, jQuery).
See, the answer is very simple, public want one single technology which will work in all OS (Windows, Linux, Mac) and Mobile. This is only possible via HTML5.
For example you want to create document OR write your these, then HTML5 is the best tool. After creating this document , you can send it to anybody and he will be able to view it using browser. Imagine a Desktop, which only have Firefox installed on it. You can develop any type of software using JavaScript and put them like a Firefox addon. In nutshell you can create documents and create software using HTML5.
Here is a small hack. how you are going to deliver the html5 content? If you create document using HTML5 then it will be containing images, css files, js files, etc. My answer is very simple. Just make a zip/tar file of document. use the file extension as .zhtml
you zhtml file is ready. All you need a zhtml viewer. zhtml viewer is a most simple program. zhtml viewer will simple unzip/untar the file into /tmp directory and open the html file into firefox. But we can use Titanium API Or Prizm to create single software which will display zhtml file in a new window, rather then a tab in firefox. What is the advantage ??
You can infinite advantage !
  • If you want to write office document then you need ztml-doc-writer. This will be a software which will provide a OpenOffice type look and feel. It will save files in zhtml files. You can upload zhtml file to server, and display it using iframe. you can send this zhtml file to your friend. All he need a zhtml viewer.
  • If you are a blogger, then you can install <fictitious> zhtml export module. If your reader like your blogpost, then they can download  in zhtml format. After downloading they need a zhtml viewer for it.
  • If you can a programmer and want to create a small software, then you can use jQuery and HTML5 to create your software. After building it, just zip it. Your zhtml file is ready. run your software at anywhere in world. even at mobile, all you need a zhtml viewer.
  • If you want some animated content then you can do it using SVG.
  • If your govt is investing huge money to create e-learning content, then make sure, they must create e-learning modules in HTML5. you can now zip the modules into zhtml format. Student will be able to view on mobile too provided they have HTML5 browser.
So finally, just by zipping the HTML5 resource files and making a zhtml viewer is a game changing step. In my view, Operating system vendor need to create a good code to handle Firefox. Firefox can play anything on top of it.

for me , the idea of zhtml is quite interesting. I like the idea of zhtml because if I create a document/application/animations using HTML5 and create zhtml file out of it. then after 100 year too, I/you will be able to see it.

just an idea...

│    Narendra Sisodiya ( नरेन्द्र सिसोदिया )
│    Society for Knowledge Commons
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06 May 2010

How to have a Network installation of Ubuntu using PXE boot ??

How can we install Ubuntu using network without burning CD/DVD/USB ?
I searched for tutorials but mostly speak about setting up DHCP server along with tftp for netboot.
But the problem is, most of the LAN already has DHCP server running. IMO, there will be conflict. Did anybody tried such installation yet ? I was facing same problem for setting up LTSP..

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04 May 2010

How I was able to convince to move NCERT for Open Video Format #ogg #open-standard-advocacy

Its again a great day at NCERT. I went for educational meeting and training purpose. During the meeting I told to capture videos and put up on web. The Joint Director madam, told that they need some sort of streaming server which NIC cannot provide and huge number of videos are lying on harddisk and taps. After meeting we went to computer room and I shown the if the convert their video in ogg format it can be streaming directly in Firefox 3.5+. Madam was quite happy to see this and moreover the size was reduced after converting into ogg format. I discussed about recent HTML5 development. In Govt sector the problem is about awareness. Nobody know these things exists. Anyways, My next task is convert huge number of Videos into ogg format using some script (uhhh 3 hour task...) and then setup their website.... My next level is to put these videos on with Creative Commons license.

I always have lots of activities for student and many projects, Do contact me to share my work load

Keep reading me... Let me repeat my favorite quote

"Rok sake to Roke lo"

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03 May 2010

The Day Against DRM - 4 May

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow, May 4th is the International Day Against DRM.

Read the articles:

Read the press release:

A product that  has a DRM is a non-free product.   Its intention is to
deny you  atleast one  of the 4  Freedoms.  So  I request you  to goto,  signup  and  participate  in  the  protest
against DRM.  Our  goal is to make all  manufacturers release the same
product without DRM in the future.

Please JOIN now. We need your help.

I  request the support  of media  people (Newspaper,  TV etc)  in this
mailinglist to spread the importance of this campaign.

ILUG-Cochin  members are  conducting a  "Day Against  DRM"  meeting on
Sunday, 9-MAY-2010. The following are the details.

Changampuzha Park, Near Edapally High School, Ernakulam.
Day : Sunday
date: 09/05/2010.
time: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM
Contact Sameer @ 999-571-7112, before coming.

* What is DRM
* Discussion on how we can help stop it.
* Pledge to fight DRM.

Jos Collin's House, Kundanoor, Ernakulam.
Day : Sunday
date: 09/05/2010.
time: 2:00 PM to 5 PM
Contact Jos @ 0484-270-5112, before coming.

* What is DRM and its intension, the conspiracy and the threat to Freedom.
* Discussion on Products having DRM.
* The fight against DRM and the campaigns organized by FSF.
* Discussion on how we can help to eliminate DRM.
* Pledge to fight against DRM.

If possible Please bring hard copies of pamphlets, posters, stickers @ for the meeting.

Thank You,
Jos Collin

Indian Libre User Group Cochin Mailing List

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Ubuntu Lucid Party - LUG@IITD pics

There was a great celebration of Ubuntu Release Party at IIT Delhi. Here are the pics
related blog - 

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01 May 2010

FOSS - Live telecast on TV for schools

Dear all its a great news for all us that we are doing some Live-telecast for school children for Introduction to FOSS and how it will be useful to them.
These shows will telecasted on national TV.

Here is the tentative schedule.

Each Program will 1 hour duration

13 May 2010 - Intro to FOSS
20 May 2010 - Application software - Geography   - 
27 May 2010 - Application software  - Science , chemistry etc   -- Kalcium etc
03 June 2010 - Application software  - Maths   --  kmplot, Kalgebra
10 June 2010 - Application software  - Maths   --  Dr Geo
17 June 2010 - Application software  - Audio Editing
24 June 2010 - Application software  - Video Editing   - most probably Pitivi Or kino

tell us what more can be included or any suggestions ! If you are in Delhi the you can directly help us too. contact me directly.
If you want to make suggestion then you can send us suggestion at "" Or reply here as comment etc.

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