05 April 2010

Please do not teach Indian child about Microsoft Windows

Today I visited my sister's house where I found her son reading his standard 4 text books on Computer Tools (Published by ). It is totally based on Microsoft Windows tools. Basically my town has more then 20 schools and every school may follow any text book. I think there is not restriction on choosing any computer textbook. There is not such syllabus defined anywhere. This is a biggest hurdle. Student in my town do no have money to buy computer and how you can teach them Microsoft Products. A child need to learn some few basic tools like Firefox and Open Office. these text books have to be rewritten to include FOSS. I have purchased few such books and will start porting on Ubuntu/SchoolOS. Also there is excellent work going on at but these textbooks are under CC-By-NC-SA, the NC clause resist other to print without permission. We will use CC-By-SA to license such text books.


PS: We teach our child not to thieve. How can we give education with Pirated Softwares

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