05 April 2010

My experience = what need to be done for GNU/Linux in India

With my enormous, extensive knowledge and ground-level experience with all layers of Open Technology (Open Innovations and Opposing sw patents, Open Content, Open Source, Open Standards), I want to say following things

GNU/Linux like Ubuntu/Fedora Or any other FOSS OS can only be adapted in India at mass scale ONLY
* IF You modify the installation mechanism and do something for those who do not have Internet and their home Or have poor Internet Bandwidth. There is a huge number of such PC/Laptops. You must provide something like one click mechanism with no Internet needed. I am working on this ->
* IF You modify the whole underlying File System Hierarchy and adopt something Like Windows Or GoboLinux Or Mac. I vote for GoboLinux

PS: India is a country where you can find pirated window at daam small village too. Mostly do not know , there exist some alternative which is called GNU/Linux. Child from standard 1st read about windows and its GUI wihout seeing the computer itself.
PS: I want to see that whole India moved to FOSS, and this is the way it will be possible.,.,,.

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