12 April 2010

MIT Meerut becomes first FreeBSD node at Meerut #india #foss #freebsd

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From: Mohit Singh <>
Date: Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 8:33 PM
Subject: [LUG@IITD:7198] MIT Meerut becomes first FreeBSD node at Meerut

Dear GLUGers,

We are in the process of adopting a holistic UNIX culture view to FOSS
and in the process, we have initiated migration to FreeBSD at MIT
Meerut campus. The network lab of CS and IT has been migrated on

As FOSS movement is a repackaging/extension/institutionalization of
the UNIX culture, we have taken a broader look forward adopting all
UNIX and UNIX like systems on the lines of USENIX.

Some nice day, we will convert our GLUG in USENIX local chapter. This
will remove the myth that GNU/Linux is the only UNIX Like system to
focus on.

for OS enthusiasts, we can state that we are coming closer to the
unifier POSIX umbrella.

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