02 April 2010

idea for .zhtml format #html5 #web

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You can view the first webpage create on earth. We have saved our file from .txt .rtf .doc and now .odt. I love ODF format (.odt and other things) but there is a scope for .zhtml format for document and other purpose.
Basically the idea of zhtml format is to create document/webpage using HTML5 technology. HTML5 technology with client side can create dynamic webpage with image video and we can actually use JavaScript to create a dynamic document. So basically we can create a zip out of all the html,js,css,images files and put a extension of .zhtml.

There are many advantage of using zhtml format.

* You can create some good web based software and share it using just one file.
* Any document create using zhtml will be viewable after 100 years too.
* Server must support .zhtml format so that website can autounzip and provide underlying files  Ex http://localhost/myfile.zhtml/test.html


* There is no standard over web to make a slideshow Or presentation . There are 100 possible ways. So zhtml writers will make their own conventions but I believe that this will reach into a equilibrium
* do not know !! but there there will be someone.

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