30 April 2010

What is so special about SchoolOS - Gobotype FSH + Project roadmap

SchoolOS is Custom Linux Distro for Indian School. I had put a good amount of energy to shape the idea into the implementation. Let me tell the major highlights about SchoolOS

* It is made for class I to class XII but college boys can also use it.
* It is 2.5GB+ Live iso which contains all software packages.
* Not only software, but lots of creative commons ebooks
* Right Click scripts. modified bashrc and other shortcuts
* contains all Indian fonts
* etc.... lots other feature
But a very special feature which SchoolOS versions is coming is called Gobotype FSH

what is Gobotype
Gobotype is alternate file system hierarchy.
for example , when you install gedit packages, then all your files got spread in /usr , /bin, /etc and so many other directory.
but in gobotype,
all files of gedit will be in

/home/<user>/Applications/gedit/<all files which belongs to gedit package will be in this directory>

Do not worry, SchoolOS contains old Linux FSH too. /home/<user>/Applications/gedit/usr/bin/gedit will be a softlink of /usr/bin/gedit
similarity  /home/<user>/Setting/dns.conf will be a softlink of /etc/resolv.conf and so on.

I have developed a small script which automatically detect what packages are installed and accordingly it create new softlinks. I am also studying how GoboLinux work and its FSH. Our aim is to give a GoboLinux type FSH which maintain balance between old and new FSH

right now I am downloading Lucid 10.04. will rebuild the SchoolOS over Lucid and will release it in 3-4 days after testing it..

What is next ?
Basically this is just a starting , a new era of enabled education for Indian schools . SchoolOS project is very much important for whole Linux and Open Source Community of India because with schoolos, Linux is going in the hand of millions of students. SchoolOS is something which we own. A public education system must be build on top of public-ally available software.
So here is the roadmap

TASK A ->  [Building SchoolOS Distro] -- we have completed this task by 50% now after deploying the schoolos we will take feedback and then modify it again and again, until it reach to a stable.

[Distribution Centers] - Ideally we want every school should become a distribution center. but individuals are highly welcome. 3GB iso image is very difficult to download. If you are student or college student then you can also become a distribution center. We will send you iso images and give your name on website. So that anybody at your neighborhood can contact  you can take iso image from you. all you need to write iso on USB. do not use DVD writer.

TASK C -> [ICT curriculum and text book design]
- India has diversity. You can find a 12th class student who have not touched computer and at the same time you can find 5 year boy chatting on facebook. We need to design ICT curriculum on 2 modes. 1st mode is classwise. We will design ICT curriculum for each class. at the same time 2nd mode will be stage-wise. So Stage1 will be for those who do not know anything about Computers atall. Stage2 will teach about OpenOffice and paint tools and so on. This is a major challenge. We should modify the wikipedia software (mediawiki) and make it as Wiki+translation tool(similar to launchpad translations). We first need to decide the ict curriculum and then we need to create its books in English version. After some stable release , each book become part of translation pool where website visitor will be provided 1-2 line for English to other language translations. Trackers can be made which list out progress of whole project. Finally we will be able to create CC-By-SA based ICT books for school education upto class 12th.

TASK D - Learn by Videos
-> Creating books is lots of pain. For example I can open my webcam and tell about , how Firefox works and how to configure it. Writing a book on it is real pain then creating Videos. We must setup Video LAb for creating FOSS videos on various educational packages. Infact I have put a suggestion to launch a TV series of weekly episodes which tell about software packages. This will be a major step toward ICT-education in India.

TASK E - 5 day workshop -- We must create some special package of 5 day training program for schoolos Introduction and how a school can get benefits from it. We will release DVD and material. Volunteers can conduct workshop in their city.

Task F -  Linux Administrations - This is a major hurdle. right now , we do not have Linux system admins supports. Schools need 1-2 Linux admins who can install schoolos and configure server, setup wiki and moodle and solve their problems.

This is a endless task list which we cannot imagine right now. Lots of work need to be done. Imagine after 5 year, millions student will be part of our community. This is only possible when we able to find good and dedicated volunteers to support SchoolOS.

Its it rocks you, then join SchoolOS mailing list and become a supporter -

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28 April 2010

W3C India conference: 6 & 7 May | Delhi

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From: Saurabh Sharma <>
Date: Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 11:33 AM
Subject: [ilugd] [OT] W3C India conference: 6 & 7 May | Delhi
To: The Linux-Delhi mailing list <>

Besides the Inaugural Session & Launch of W3C India Office the
technical sessions planned out are as follows.

The discussion planned for the days.
Day 1.
Technical Session-I: Internationalization aspects in W3C.
Technical Session-II:  Web access through mobile & handheld devices.
Technical Session-III: Web Architecture and semantic Web.
Day 2.
Technical Session-IV:Human Machine Interface.
Technical Session-V: Web Content Accessibility in Indian Languages.
Technical Session-VI: Web of services and its issues.

Conference Venue :
The Lalit
Barakhamba Avenue
Connaught Place , New Delhi-110001

Register :

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26 April 2010

When India will move to Linux? Chinese has all secret Indian document

Let has some newspaper clips

NEW YORK: Major Indian missile and armament systems may have been compromised as Chinese hackers have reportedly broken into top secret files of the Indian Defence Ministry and embassies around the world.

Source :

Confirming everyone's suspicions, outgoing National Security Advisor M K Narayanan has said the cyber attacks on computers in the Prime Minister's Office, including his own, last month had indeed been directed from China.

Source : Jan 19, 2010

These are just under news ! But the truth is Chinese and other Cracker has cracked every Indian Windows PC and harnessing information.

We as Indian must protest against these information leaks. We knows that Linux based Operating System are well secured and not infected by virus and other attacks.

Indian Govt must use a common Linux Distro for every departments.

Source :

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24 April 2010

Its time to change Linux File System Hierarchy - Plz RT if you like it

If you type dpkg -L gedit then you will get this list, basically it tell all files of gedit packages. I do not know why Linux still follow this un-logical hierarchy ?


================   Alternate Solution which I like  ==================


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23 April 2010

[ commercial/social ] Qualified lead in Deharadun any takers ??

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From: satyaakam goswami <>
Date: Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 7:47 AM
Subject: [fosscomm] [ commercial/social ] Qualified lead in Deharadun any takers ??
To: The Linux-Delhi mailing list <>
Cc: Indian FOSS Community Network list <>

     What i understand thus far is they are in the early stage of selection of platform for education , Director of education Department Uttarachal Govt is looking at alternatives , They need  individuals or a company who can  Demo and Show the benefits of having GNU/Linux over other operating systems for there Programme , Directors name is Kuldeep Gairola  and he can be reached on 9412007083 his mail id is


network mailing list

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21 April 2010

SchoolOS beta1 - Available for Download

Hello there, Here is the current version of schoolos.
visit : for more info
Download from Sourceforge :-
Features :
* No-mono
* Lots of Software for all users (if somethings missing then let me know)
* Almost all indic Languages
* Desktop contains Ebooks
* Based on Ubuntu9.10
* Lots of Right Click script like(rotate)

PS: sf website contains all the scripts to build it. Will be providing all necessary instruction for building very soon.

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19 April 2010

Some more clarification on my comment on osscamp community manager

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 1:26 AM, narendra sisodiya <> wrote:

On Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 7:47 PM, <> wrote:
If you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it out online:

I suggest to make a Local LUG make your own a good community instead of supporting publicity funda (#osscamp)

I have seen some comment about my post. , Just to clarify that I was never against OSScamp - community. I still contains some chaps like (yadu, manu, piyush and other who are my friends too). I comment was on community manager (and Thus Kinshuk Sunil) who never felt and put 2 minute to write a blog to correct a wrong article on him as creator of Open Source Software. I have taken this as a serious insult on whole Open Source and Free Software Community.
Well I have decided not to write anymore on this as It will give him publicity , (which is what osscube and kinshuk want)

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18 April 2010

Incubating new LUGs/FSUGs/SIGs at your Schools/Colleges/University/Institutes/Area #india #foss

If you do not have Linux/FOSS presence at your college, Then we can help you with starting and running with following things -

  • E-books - Presentations
  • Linux Repos like Ubuntu, Fedora etc
  • FOSS-Videos,
  • Guidance ,
  • Financial Aids for workshops,
  • Infrastructure like (Domain name, Web hosting )
  • Any other help you can want

Please feel free to contact me at - OR

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Random Wallpaper Changer Script

Good work by Harish..

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From: Harish R <>
Date: Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 3:17 AM
Subject: Random Wallpaper Changer Script

Hello sir,
Sorry for the delay but here is the code.


#Specify the directory containing the wallpapers
cd /home/harish/Pictures/Random

#Select all the JPG and PNG images from the folder. iname is used to
ignore the case.
IMAGES=`find . -iname '*.jpg' -o -iname '*.png'`

#Counts the number of files found in the previous step
N=`echo $IMAGES | wc -w`

#Picks out a random number using the system variable RANDOM

#Picks out that specific file.
#The files are returned as ./file1 ./file2 etc.
#So the first cut command uses / as delimiter and hence the field name
specifies the file name
#The second cut command is use to extract the specific file name
BACKGNAME=`echo $IMAGES | cut -d '/' -f $N | cut -d ' ' -f 1`

#The gconftool-2 is the gnome window managing program. --set and --get
variables are used to pass values to this to various parameters
#The /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename variable has the
filename of the current background and so we replace it with the new
gconftool-2 -t str --set /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename

#Done! Now put this file in ~/.gnome2/naultilus-scripts
#You can even crontab it for auto wallpaper changing

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17 April 2010

CPP intro via codeblock IDE - Hello world

why double downloading of ogg videos ?

I know there is difference in watching ogg videos and saving it on harddisk. but how much is the difference, Here is a observation on Firefox3.5+
1) I have watched a ogg video half
when I clicked on saving it, It start saving from starting. Here is the proof,,

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15 April 2010

stop and install moovida just now :)

I just found one of the most beautiful application moovida

apt-get install moovida
Well, here is a screenshot - but I will suggest that , install and use it , you will feel a magic

From Nils Geylen

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14 April 2010

Moving to #foss #jobs #india

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From: Shrinivasan T <>
Date: Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 10:53 PM
Subject: [Ilugc] Moving to
To: ILUG-C <>


Thanks a lot for your continuous support and encourages for
maintaining this blog

I am working on this blog from March 19, 2007, for 3 years. So happy
to see the hits crossing 2 Lakhs.
It shows the thurst of Indians to work with the Free Open Source
Software technologies.

When I decided to find a job in FOSS in 2006, it was so tough to get
the job details.
After some struggle and patience, I got a job which I love.

Then, decided to open this blog to share all the job details I get to
the public.

It is so easy to open a blog like this and publish the details we get.
This is to inspire the people to share and contribute to the community
without spending any money.

As the blog get more content, more visitors come and leave their comments.
As I see, most of the readers give comments with their entire resume,
instead of applying to the mentioned email address.

The companies wont look on the comments posted in this blog.

As I was thinking on how to make this easier, My Friend in Delhi,
Narendra Sisodiya, [ narendra.sisodiya AT ]
came up with a new website for FOSS Jobs.

It is powered by the popular open source job board software “JobberBase“

It has the following features.

   * job posting without account;
   * powerful job searching;
   * apply to interesting jobs;
   * administration panel;
   * RSS feeds;
   * javascript badge/widget;
   * homepage-featured jobs management;
   * locations management;
   * … and many more!

Yes. It is a community movement to gather all the FOSS based jobs and
publish in a common place.
Anyone can post a job requirement. No registrations are required.

Me and Narendra has the admin roles, who can review the posts and publish them.

I request all of you to review the site and share all your job opening
details there.
That will be a great contribution to the Indian Job Seekers in the FOSS domain.

I am not closing this blog. Will be publishing interesting articles,
interviews, and suggestions related to FOSS jobs.

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12 April 2010

MIT Meerut becomes first FreeBSD node at Meerut #india #foss #freebsd

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From: Mohit Singh <>
Date: Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 8:33 PM
Subject: [LUG@IITD:7198] MIT Meerut becomes first FreeBSD node at Meerut

Dear GLUGers,

We are in the process of adopting a holistic UNIX culture view to FOSS
and in the process, we have initiated migration to FreeBSD at MIT
Meerut campus. The network lab of CS and IT has been migrated on

As FOSS movement is a repackaging/extension/institutionalization of
the UNIX culture, we have taken a broader look forward adopting all
UNIX and UNIX like systems on the lines of USENIX.

Some nice day, we will convert our GLUG in USENIX local chapter. This
will remove the myth that GNU/Linux is the only UNIX Like system to
focus on.

for OS enthusiasts, we can state that we are coming closer to the
unifier POSIX umbrella.

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[nautilus-script] Right Click - Print File

here is a very small script -

save to following file with name as "Print File"
and make it executable -
chmod +x "Print File"
and move into


## Ny Narendra Sisodiya, for SchoolOS
## If you modify it, Please let me know.
## released under GPLv3


##TODO to add file checking extensions
   lp "$FILENAME"

exit 0

You can now print files using right click on a file

Can sombody test and modify so that before giving print command we need to check that file must be .odp, .txt odt, .pdf format. Also, we can show some menu using zenity

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11 April 2010

Zenity - add GUI dialogs to your shell scripts !

Zenity is the best tool for creating GUI for shell scripts.

for example -

szDate=$(zenity --calendar --text "Pick a day" --title "Medical Leave" --day 23 --month 5 --year 2008); echo $szDate
will open a datepicker dialog box. like this.

zenity calendar dialog

Other use
** Date Picker
** File Picker
** Display warning
** Asking yes/no questions
** Display Processbar

Have a look at this tutorial -

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10 April 2010

For those who want to contribute to Open Source/ Free Software

==== Strictly Only for Contributor or Want to be Contributor===

Here is a mailing list
page says -
Those who want to help Or contribute to Open Source can join this group. We are looking for contributors. There are several ways to contribute Open Source.
* making tutorials
* making videos
* hosting FOSS website
* create art-work and logo
* translate Open Source packages into local language

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Nautilus Script Pack - must try

It contains
ISO Manager #ISO Mount
ISO unMount
Make ISO/ISO X #create ISO image in the same directory and with the same name of the file or folder
Play in Amarok
Play in Audacious #Select a folder and play it in Audacious
Rootilus #root nautilus in the current dir.
Search Here
Set image as Wallpaper
Fast Image Editor #Scale Image
Scale Image To Sizes
Image Converter
Media #Video Converter
Extract Audio
Naudilus #Convert audio files
File Manager + #Split file #a simple GUI for spliting a file into many files (with certain size)
Encrypt/Decrypt #a Script to encrypt/decrypt files
Move To... #selected files/folders to ... whereever you want.
the script will check if you have write-permissions and if the file already exists
Copy To...
Shredder #Shred seleted files ... forever
Remover #WARNING: THIS WILL DELETE ANY FILE(S) MARKED WITH THE EXTENSION ~; .OLD, old; .BAK, bak in one full swoop, Folders are Excluded from Deletion.
PDF Join #joins several pdf files in sorted order (page1.pdf , page2.pdf etc) , requires pdfjam
Nautilus Archiver #Archive
Install Theme
Font Installer #A simply and fast script that allow to easly install fonts without the shell
Send Shortcut To... #send links to ... wherever you want

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09 April 2010

what more you need to learn inkscape - best website

visit - a huge list of ogg screencasting is there

PS: I would request somebody to update link on
PS: there are total Episode 105, I would somebody to make a text file with ogg url in each line for each episode, So that I can download using high speed. I will upload all ogg videos on IITD repo then.

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07 April 2010

Misconception about FOSS/Open Source

Many of my student do have misconception about FOSS licensing.

Q) I have Created a new software using some Open source Packages, (Lets says , jQuery). Do I need to make this Open Source and give to public.

First of all, Open source has nothing to do with public. You never have any restriction to make your public. Its all about customer.
If you create a new Software with the help of Open Source Packages, then new Code which is written by you is your property. As long as you are using it for your home purpose Or your personal purpose, you needed to tell anybody in the world that you are doing this. This is totally legal. Also, there is difference is using Open Source Packages and modifying a OpenSource Packages.

Now, Let suppose you write Package A with Already existing Package O which is Open Source. 
case 0 -  You want to use it for your purpose.
    Yes, you can do it. You need valid license which allow you to use the software. (of-course every software has it)
Case 1 - You want to sell it.
    Yes, you can sell it, OpenSource means showing code and giving right to your customer. You can Give code and Software using CD Or USB drive. putting on web is not needed.

Case 2 - You want that anybody can use it without giving money,
    Yes, you can do it, best way to do so, upload it on some website so that anybody can download it.

Now One more consideration that License of Packages O. You need to read about license. License contain 2 things

1) how and in what ways you can use a package
2) how and in what ways you can distribute a package. (with or without changes)

In above case 0 - you need to see the condition to use a package.
In above case1 and case 2 , you are see the condition to use and distribute a package. (you further needed to check, you are making changes in pakcage O or not)

If the terms and condition of "Package O" disallow to redistribute it, Then you must not bundle it, Tell your customer how they can Install the dependency.

Finally, what about license of Packages A, which you have created, It is your wish what license you want to put it. License of packages O has not control over it. you have full freedom to license your code in Open/Close licensing method.

Q) I do not want o give source code to my users/customer
   Then your package will not become OpenSource. In Open source you basically license customer to modify or reuse a code. if you do not provide code then your customer can put in court for giving damaged product. What you can do , Have two product.
product 1 ) only binary with close license with price XXX
product 2 ) binary with source code, with license to use source code with price YYY

Q) can i change license of my code.
AS long as you are copyright holder of software packages, you are allow to changes license . If fact, you have 10 customer, then you can give your package A with 10 different license.

I am also having some confusion but above are correct upto to my knowledge , Do let me know if something is incorrect.

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06 April 2010

Conference on National IP Strategy on 26th April, 2010

Subject: Conference on National IP Strategy-2009 ngo
Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2010 17:49:22 +0530
From: FICCI IPR <>


Dear Mr Singh,



The World IP Day is commemorated on the date on which the Convention establishing World intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was originally entered into force in 1970. The objective of World IP Day is to raise awareness about intellectual property rights, to celebrate creativity and contribution made by creators and innovators to the development of societies across the globe and to encourage respect for IP rights.


In the event of the World IP Day, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), in association with Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, is organizing a “Conference on National IP Strategy” on 26th April, 2010, at Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi.



The “National IP Strategy” aims to lay down the vision for the future of the country for development in the field of IPR. The National IP Strategy enables to gain a strong socioeconomic foundation and international trust.


The objective of the Conference is to gain industry consensus on the need and the broad contours of the National IP Strategy for India and to listen to best practices followed by other countries in this regard.

The Conference will be attended by government officials, lawyers, industry, academicians, etc.

Kindly note that the seats are limited and registration will be on first come first serve basis. The provisional Programme copy can be accessed from here

It is my pleasure to invite you to this important Conference and request you to kindly convey your acceptance via return mail at , phone: +91-11-23766930 (Direct), +91-11-23738760 (Ext. 477), fax: +91-11-23320714/ 23721504.  


Kindly mention your Name, Designation, Organization, mobile no. telephone no (with city code), fax no. when you send us an email for registration, enabling us to keep you updated on the programme to be held at Delhi.


Kindly Note: There is no Delegation Fee.

Thanks & Regards,


Sheetal Chopra

Deputy Director

IPR Division

FICCI, Federation House

Tansen Marg

New Delhi-110001

Tel: +91-11-23766930 (Direct); +91-11-23738760 (Ext. 477)

Fax: +91-11-23320714/ 23721504



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05 April 2010

My experience = what need to be done for GNU/Linux in India

With my enormous, extensive knowledge and ground-level experience with all layers of Open Technology (Open Innovations and Opposing sw patents, Open Content, Open Source, Open Standards), I want to say following things

GNU/Linux like Ubuntu/Fedora Or any other FOSS OS can only be adapted in India at mass scale ONLY
* IF You modify the installation mechanism and do something for those who do not have Internet and their home Or have poor Internet Bandwidth. There is a huge number of such PC/Laptops. You must provide something like one click mechanism with no Internet needed. I am working on this ->
* IF You modify the whole underlying File System Hierarchy and adopt something Like Windows Or GoboLinux Or Mac. I vote for GoboLinux

PS: India is a country where you can find pirated window at daam small village too. Mostly do not know , there exist some alternative which is called GNU/Linux. Child from standard 1st read about windows and its GUI wihout seeing the computer itself.
PS: I want to see that whole India moved to FOSS, and this is the way it will be possible.,.,,.

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AICTE, FOSS and us #india

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From: Mohit Singh <gmohitsingh AT>
Date: Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 6:17 PM
Subject: [fosscomm] AICTE, FOSS and us

Dear FOSSouls,

It is a matter of great concern for all of us that proliferation of
FOSS is being severely countered by 'AICTE Inspector Raj' in
engineering institutions. We have no evidences as of now - because we
have not involved 'TEHELKA.COM' till now, but the evidences are the
experiences of may heads of institutions.

The AICTE inspectors insist on showing the bills of softwares
licensed/purchased and they reject FOSS as 'Free Ka hai ji - hence you
use'. It is a challenge for all of us to 'educate/inspire/compel'
AICTE and its NBA arm to respect FOSS.

This is not an intention to malign AICTE or any of its practice
anyway. If you are evidence savvy, kindly be present when an AICTE
appointed team visits an engineering college for inspection. They are
always interested in looking at 'LEGAL SOFTWARE' and their definition
of LEGAL is the binary only proprietary EULA given by 'The Redmond
Codelifter' and the like MOST RESPECTFULLY endorsed by NASSCOM and the
ministry of HRD, IT and others.

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Copying is not theft - hindi srt

Click here to download: (1 KB)

I have just visited the holy song - , now attaching its file ,
Released under CC-By-3.0 version

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Project to create a learning tool for Hindi Alphabats for OLPC and Edubuntu.

Here is a small project, Contribute if you are interested. -

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Please do not teach Indian child about Microsoft Windows

Today I visited my sister's house where I found her son reading his standard 4 text books on Computer Tools (Published by ). It is totally based on Microsoft Windows tools. Basically my town has more then 20 schools and every school may follow any text book. I think there is not restriction on choosing any computer textbook. There is not such syllabus defined anywhere. This is a biggest hurdle. Student in my town do no have money to buy computer and how you can teach them Microsoft Products. A child need to learn some few basic tools like Firefox and Open Office. these text books have to be rewritten to include FOSS. I have purchased few such books and will start porting on Ubuntu/SchoolOS. Also there is excellent work going on at but these textbooks are under CC-By-NC-SA, the NC clause resist other to print without permission. We will use CC-By-SA to license such text books.


PS: We teach our child not to thieve. How can we give education with Pirated Softwares

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02 April 2010

idea for .zhtml format #html5 #web

____ just a thought ___

You can view the first webpage create on earth. We have saved our file from .txt .rtf .doc and now .odt. I love ODF format (.odt and other things) but there is a scope for .zhtml format for document and other purpose.
Basically the idea of zhtml format is to create document/webpage using HTML5 technology. HTML5 technology with client side can create dynamic webpage with image video and we can actually use JavaScript to create a dynamic document. So basically we can create a zip out of all the html,js,css,images files and put a extension of .zhtml.

There are many advantage of using zhtml format.

* You can create some good web based software and share it using just one file.
* Any document create using zhtml will be viewable after 100 years too.
* Server must support .zhtml format so that website can autounzip and provide underlying files  Ex http://localhost/myfile.zhtml/test.html


* There is no standard over web to make a slideshow Or presentation . There are 100 possible ways. So zhtml writers will make their own conventions but I believe that this will reach into a equilibrium
* do not know !! but there there will be someone.

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01 April 2010

byzanz-record - the coolest way to record desktop into gif file.

have you used byzanz-record , its a great tool to capture desktop into gif file.
See attached file.

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DU FOSS workshop #foss #workshop #event #delhi

Dear Friends,

Acharya Narendra Dev College in collaboration with NRCFOSS is organising a one day workshop on "Free/Open Source Software (FOSS): Awareness and Possibilities" at Sounth Campus, Delhi University on 16th April 2010.

This is an effort to make available Free Software alternatives to the ICT workshops in which the ILLL is promoting proprietary software from Microsoft.

Not only is Free Software more secure (free from virus and spyware) it also provides cost effective solutions which do not force the university and the colleges to keep spending on expensive and substandard software from proprietary sources.

The one day workshop for teachers of Humanities, Social Sciences and Commerce teachers of Delhi University will provide an introduction to Linux based Free Software and various applications/ programmes for everyday use at home and for academic purposes.

The workshop shall also include an Install Fest in which participants can bring in their laptops and CPUs to install Linux Operating System. Participants can chose to install Lunux/ Ubuntu OS on dual boot without removing existing Windows or Apple OS.

The event is free.

Please participate in the event and encourage as many of your colleagues to participate. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me or the organisers.


(P.S.: The ANDC-NRCFOSS is also organising a two day specialised FOSS workshop for science teachers on 14-15 April 2010 at ANDC)

Arjun Ghosh
Indian Institute of Advanced Study

Download now or preview on posterous
NRCFOSS_ANDC_16apr.pdf (343 KB)

Download now or preview on posterous
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