22 March 2010

Regarding Linux Install Mela - Delhi Jamia 27 march 2010

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Date: Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 2:48 PM
Subject: [LUG@IITD:6780] Regarding Linux Install Mela - 2010
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Hi Linux Lovers,

I am organising a Workshop on Linux .
With the name of Linux install mela on this saturday 27th March 2010

In Which the following thing to be completed :-
1. Basic information will be given to the students of 1st year
2. Other students of any year and from any branch are also invited.
3. Installation of LINUX on the laptops and PCs will be done in
FREE !!!!!!!
4. Other information also given regarding on the spot topics.

Please suggest me any ideas which i can add in this session .........

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