31 March 2010

[Problem Solved] unable to type in remington keyboard

Click here to download:
hi-remington.mim (4 KB)

I am attaching a modified version of the remington keymap file.

Steps to install new hi-remington keymap
1) Please download the file
2) Open Terminal
3) type following.
sudo nautilus /usr/share/m17n/
4) This will open keymap directory , Paste the downloaded file into this directory
5) Restart Ibus, using right click on ibus keyboard layout indicator icon. If you are unable to locate it. Please restart your system.

PS: Once I will get full confirmation of Kyali ji, we will try to push in upsteam.

2010/3/25 khyali swami <>
Please tell me how to type "आप" using regington keyboard
Also, in window, I use to type  "shift h  + k + w +  [ + k  " for writing Bhookh भूख
But in Linux Fedora + IBUS + Remington, I HAVE to type
"shift h  + backspace + w +  [ + backspace "
This is giving us a lot of un-comfort and our whole organization is migrating on windows again just because of this problem.

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