29 March 2010

E-learning Modules Tutorials Guidelines - How and Why the e-learning Contents #elearning #education #ict

Recently I made a visit to Rajasthan. when I visited SSA-Rajasthan , I observed a lot of hurdle for their foss migration.
The First hurdle came from Azim-Premji foundation which has distributed some e-learning modules CDs which basically contain Main.exe and some swf file.
I was able to play those CDs using wine over GNU/Linux but the quality was poor and not 100% playback. moreover it need abobe-flash to view those e-learning content.

So Let me put the E-learning content Guidelines

=== Guideline for E-learning content ===
1) All e-learning must not be depends on a particular Operating system like windows
2) Do not use compression algorithm like rar, If need use zip or tar, tar.gz
3) long back with a long research I have propose 5 principles or aspects of education contents over web. E-learning content must follow them -
4) you can view the first webpage developed at and you will be able to view it after 100 years. So basically HTML5 is the right answer to making e-learning content.
Benefits of HTML5

## All you need one browser to view those content. this make it operating system independent
## You will be able to view after 100 years too
## No Royalty payment
## Purchase of any advance tool (SDK etc )is not needed to work on HTML5.
## HTML5 easy to learn.
## SVG can produce any type of animation. even IE9 is going to support SVG
## Canvas API can be used to generate any pixel based graphics
## Audio video API are available
## using jQuery , one need to write 10 times less code for coding any webapplication.
## Server is not need to view html5 based e-learning modules, basically you need one browser. (Firefox Or Chrome)

5) Upto to some extent, mobile do provide browser. you will be able to view content over mobile, All your e-learning content will become m-learning content.

PS: Eduvid is a meta format (wrapper format) over HTML5 which i am working on for some years which has potential to become a standard way to create/transfer e-content. contact me offlist if you are interested in.

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