25 March 2010

[Commercial] Ben Nanonote now available in India

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Date: Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 12:04 PM
Subject: [lugj] [Commercial] Ben Nanonote now available


IDA Systems is proud to announce the availability of the first product
that tries to adhere to copyleft hardware standards i.e  Copyleft Plans,
Copyleft Software and Public Patents.

Ben NanoNote - It's a Linux clamshell device that fits right into your pocket. Code on the go, hack, play games, keep notes, play music. Its the perfect linux companion.

Media sources have called it

"The open hardware thingie" (CrunchGear)
"Dedicated Vi device" (The Register)
"tiny, hackable" (Engadget)
"totalmente libre" (viva linux!)
"adorabile 3 pollici Linux" (Netbook News)

Get more detailed product information at


The Ben is available and in stock at our online store


A special Rs 2500 discount is available for orders till 31st March. Pay only Rs 6500 inc of CST and shipping and own the Ben.

viva linux!


PS- I would really appriciate if you could spread this information.

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