31 March 2010

[Problem Solved] unable to type in remington keyboard

Click here to download:
hi-remington.mim (4 KB)

I am attaching a modified version of the remington keymap file.

Steps to install new hi-remington keymap
1) Please download the file
2) Open Terminal
3) type following.
sudo nautilus /usr/share/m17n/
4) This will open keymap directory , Paste the downloaded file into this directory
5) Restart Ibus, using right click on ibus keyboard layout indicator icon. If you are unable to locate it. Please restart your system.

PS: Once I will get full confirmation of Kyali ji, we will try to push in upsteam.

2010/3/25 khyali swami <>
Please tell me how to type "आप" using regington keyboard
Also, in window, I use to type  "shift h  + k + w +  [ + k  " for writing Bhookh भूख
But in Linux Fedora + IBUS + Remington, I HAVE to type
"shift h  + backspace + w +  [ + backspace "
This is giving us a lot of un-comfort and our whole organization is migrating on windows again just because of this problem.

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Capture screen and mic input using FFmpeg and ALSA

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From: Mohan R <>
Date: Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 4:28 PM
Subject: [Ilugc] Capture screen and mic input using FFmpeg and ALSA


Recently, lot of traffic about x11grab appeared in commandlinefu( People posted their commandline variants to create screencast video.

For my purpose, I also created my own variant of x11grab, here is the commandline.

ffmpeg -f alsa -itsoffset 00:00:02.000 -ac 2 -i hw:0,0 -f x11grab -s $(xwininfo -root | grep 'geometry' | awk '{print $2;}') -r 10 -i :0.0 -sameq -f mp4 -s wvga -y outputfile.mp4

And to make it simple, I also wrote a small script

# simple command to capture your screen and mic input

OUTPUT="${1:?[usage] OUTPUTFILE}"

       xwininfo -root |
       grep 'geometry' |
       awk '{print $2;}'

       ffmpeg -f alsa -itsoffset 00:00:02.000 -ac 2 -i hw:0,0 \
               -f x11grab -s $(getgeometry) -r 10 -i :0.0 \
               -sameq -f mp4 \
               -s wvga \
               -y "${OUTPUT}"


This script captured my desktop as well as voice from my laptop's in-built front mic. I'm using Debian(Testing). I'm posting this script to see how it works in other distros. If you understand and know how to tweek this commandline, please post your modifications.

For newcomers, to run this script, you need to install ffmpeg and ALSA. Ubuntu/Fedora are using pulse as their audio subsystem. I don't know how to use pulse to capture mic input. Don't try if you don't know what you are doing. You will endup breaking your sound.

This is the first screencast I created using this script,

Lets play with ffmpeg :)

Mohan R.

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Unable to type in remington keyboard - Please help us, Please help us #foss

Please tell me how to type "आप" using regington keyboard
Also, in window, I use to type  "shift h  + k + w +  [ + k  " for writing Bhookh भूख
But in Linux Fedora + IBUS + Remington, I HAVE to type
"shift h  + backspace + w +  [ + backspace "
This is giving us a lot of un-comfort and our whole organization is migrating on windows again just because of this problem.

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30 March 2010

Will this idea work ? Publishing magazine with only pics ?

Hi, I am trying to publish magazine with only photographs. Photographs  which will give you laugh, which will give happiness. Because most of the user just see photos of magazines !! Please comment , if this will work or not !!

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Here is the initial design document for FOSSDevConf , Please feel free to contact us.

            Here is the initial design document for FOSSDevConf , Please feel free to contact us.

Date : 30 March 2010

What is FOSSDevConf ?
FOSSDevConf is the yet another conference for Free and Open Source Developers. This is a true Developer to Developer Conference.
Who can speak at FOSSDevConf ?
    Developer and FOSS contributors (Activist, Supporter, Business using FOSS etc) provided they follow Rules and Guidelines of FOSSDevConf. If you are working on any un-finished FOSS project, you are most welcome to show it to get more developers. You can put your stall. There is no fees needed for speaker.
Who can attend this ?
    Any one. All you need to pay fees of conference if any.
What is difference between FOSSDevConf and other workshop ?
    Basically we trying to show a true spirit of Open World = (Open Content, Open Innovations, Open Standards, Open Source/Free Software). For this we are imposing some guidelines on everybody who are part of it.
What are Strict Rules and Terms of Workshop ?

  • For Audience
    • no rules applied. but we expect tweets and blog to get real feedback.
  • For Speakers
    • ODF/HTML5 : Presentation must be shown using ODF (Open Office format) Or other Open Technology like HTML5.
    • NO-DOC , NO-DOCx : Any speaker who use Microsoft /MAC technology will be disqualified to present.
    • OGG : You are only allowed to use Ogg music/video for demo. Any video with .mp4 Or other format will disqualify your selection.
    • GNU/Linux : You are allowed to carry Any Laptop with Any Operating System over it But you can only plug your laptop to projector if you have GNU/Linux OS over it. If you do not carry such laptop then you can ask organiser to arrange one for you.
    • Copyright Policy : Every Speakers are advised to make a account on main FOSSDevConf Server. They must submit their presentation Or videos before the timeline. However your presentation will be made public during workshop. All your presentations and other stuff will be licensed under  "CC-By-SA" Or public domain. You have to choose either of two license.
    • NO-MONO : You cannot show your product/demos which are made using mono technology.
    • NO-FLASH : We are not entertaining Flash/Flex or other related technology. Please use SVG.
    • No-Patents : You cannot show any technology for which you have applied patent.
  • For Organiser
    • Video Recording : You must provide video recording for all speaker. All Video Recording must be uploaded to our common server using Ogg format
    • Images : All the Images must be uploaded to our common server using PNG format.
    • GNU/Linux : All the Software needed for conducting workshop must be Open Source/Free Software. You must not use Windows or Mac for workshop.
    • Free-of-Cost to Speaker : you can only charge fees to audience but you cannot charge to speaker. we advice you to pay money for
    • Free Lunch : You must provide free lunch and evening snacks to all.
    • No-Coke : You must not use Cocacola during workshop.
    • Please do not become organiser if you do not know the whole philosophy of Open World.
    • Copyright Policy : Please make sure that all the presentation or other stuff goes under "CC-By-Sa" license, for these copyright holder must be the original author. The uploaded video of workshop which is recorded by FOSSDevConf team must be copyrighted by FOSSDevConf and released under CC-By-Sa License.
    • NO-nonfree Distribution : you must not help any speaker or Organiser to distribute any non-free software or content. Anything which you can distribute in FOSSDevConf must have either CC-By-SA license Or FOSS license.
    • NO-FLASH, NO-MONO : you must not use flash or mono Or any technology
    • T-Shirt : You must provide TShirt to all audience.
      • Tshirt may or may not contain all sponsors but it should not highlight a particular sponsors in misleading ways
      • The Design of Tshirt must be uploaded in SVG/PNG format using CC-By-SA license.
    • Gift to Speaker : You must provide gifts to speakers.
    • Free Stall : you must provide free of cost space to stall for the project which are meant for non-profit. Selling FOSS goods like Tshirt other things are treated as non-profit.
  • For Sponsors
    • No Interference : You are not allowed to make inference in FOSSDevConf specially on rules and guidelines.
    • No Brandmixing  : any company which have their name similar to FOSSDevConf like FOSSDevCenter, FOSSDevGroup etc are not allowed to sponsor the event.
Why these rules and guidelines
Basically a true FOSS lover who is well aware of all issues in Open World has these rules in his/her mind. but I have seen some new conference which ignore one or other layer

How Can I organise FOSSDevConf in my City ?

      You are allowed to use FOSSDevConf brand in any city provided you can impose these rules and guidelines on yourself and on speaker. We are totally open people who strongly believe in full freedom. We are just providing a medium. We are working on this isssue !
Suggestion :
           Yup, current contact me, narendra.sisodiya AT

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29 March 2010

E-learning Modules Tutorials Guidelines - How and Why the e-learning Contents #elearning #education #ict

Recently I made a visit to Rajasthan. when I visited SSA-Rajasthan , I observed a lot of hurdle for their foss migration.
The First hurdle came from Azim-Premji foundation which has distributed some e-learning modules CDs which basically contain Main.exe and some swf file.
I was able to play those CDs using wine over GNU/Linux but the quality was poor and not 100% playback. moreover it need abobe-flash to view those e-learning content.

So Let me put the E-learning content Guidelines

=== Guideline for E-learning content ===
1) All e-learning must not be depends on a particular Operating system like windows
2) Do not use compression algorithm like rar, If need use zip or tar, tar.gz
3) long back with a long research I have propose 5 principles or aspects of education contents over web. E-learning content must follow them -
4) you can view the first webpage developed at and you will be able to view it after 100 years. So basically HTML5 is the right answer to making e-learning content.
Benefits of HTML5

## All you need one browser to view those content. this make it operating system independent
## You will be able to view after 100 years too
## No Royalty payment
## Purchase of any advance tool (SDK etc )is not needed to work on HTML5.
## HTML5 easy to learn.
## SVG can produce any type of animation. even IE9 is going to support SVG
## Canvas API can be used to generate any pixel based graphics
## Audio video API are available
## using jQuery , one need to write 10 times less code for coding any webapplication.
## Server is not need to view html5 based e-learning modules, basically you need one browser. (Firefox Or Chrome)

5) Upto to some extent, mobile do provide browser. you will be able to view content over mobile, All your e-learning content will become m-learning content.

PS: Eduvid is a meta format (wrapper format) over HTML5 which i am working on for some years which has potential to become a standard way to create/transfer e-content. contact me offlist if you are interested in.

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28 March 2010

IMAGINE: Largest Free/Open Source Event Ever in the Meerut Region #foss

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From: Mohit Singh <gmohitsingh AT>
Date: Sun, Mar 28, 2010 at 8:07 AM
Subject: [GLUG-Meerut] : IMAGINE: Largest Free/Open Source Event Ever in the Region

Dear GLUGers,

GNU Thanks for such a wonderful response for the first workshop in the
IMAGINE series!

GLUG Meerut thanks the entire administration of MIET Group of
Institutions for making this happen in such a wonderful way! GLUG
Meerut can do wonders if such support is continued in the future.

We thank both Narendra (IITD-LUG) and Sanjeev (Anna
University/NRCFOSS) for their kind contribution even amidst their busy
official schedules.

All the old and new GLUG Meerut commandos once again proved that they
are always ready to take up any challenge and prove their strength! We
are proud of our commandos! GNU Salute to them!

We had over 300 participants from different engineering colleges of
Western UP and that too even without any formal invitation to those
colleges! GLUGers connected with potential GLUGers and the magic
happened! We thank all of our participants for their enthusiasm and
becoming a part of the GLUG Meerut movement!

GLUG Meerut has proved to be alive and vibrant as ever.Lets continue
the same with even better spirit in the future!

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25 March 2010

[Commercial] Ben Nanonote now available in India

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From: rakshat hooja <rakshat AT>
Date: Thu, Mar 25, 2010 at 12:04 PM
Subject: [lugj] [Commercial] Ben Nanonote now available


IDA Systems is proud to announce the availability of the first product
that tries to adhere to copyleft hardware standards i.e  Copyleft Plans,
Copyleft Software and Public Patents.

Ben NanoNote - It's a Linux clamshell device that fits right into your pocket. Code on the go, hack, play games, keep notes, play music. Its the perfect linux companion.

Media sources have called it

"The open hardware thingie" (CrunchGear)
"Dedicated Vi device" (The Register)
"tiny, hackable" (Engadget)
"totalmente libre" (viva linux!)
"adorabile 3 pollici Linux" (Netbook News)

Get more detailed product information at


The Ben is available and in stock at our online store


A special Rs 2500 discount is available for orders till 31st March. Pay only Rs 6500 inc of CST and shipping and own the Ben.

viva linux!


PS- I would really appriciate if you could spread this information.

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Rajasthan gets its first village with Laptop for every child today #olpc #india

I will update full story in my blog very soon,

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From: Saurabh Adhikari <adhikaris AT>
Date: Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 1:15 PM
Subject: [OLPC India] Rajasthan gets its first village with Laptop for every child today
To: olpc <>

This morning Raisinghnagar became the first village in Rajasthan to have one laptop for every child.

Inaugurating the event were all the villagers, district officials and legislators and Satish Jha encouraged them to make it the trigger point for educating every child in Rajasthan.

With support from TiE Sydney, Darshan Goswami and Satish Jha, Raisinghnagar is the first village where every child in fact has an OLPC laptop now.

Narendra Sisodiya provided the technical leadership.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

S Adhikari

India mailing list

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Kerala schools to have free digital libraries

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From: Guru <guru AT>
Date: Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 2:25 PM
Subject: [Public-software] Kerala schools to have free digital libraries

This is a good example of how a Public Education System provides public software/digital resources. Public Software allows free sharing of digital resources which allows for learning material
rich environment, while on proprietary platforms, schools are limited to basic software applications only.Given the nearly nil marginal costs of replicating digital resources, the pedagogically superior method would be to adopt public software/digital resources in schools programs.

Thus the public school system can be a good site for using and producing public software, including educational software tools.


Under the scheme, 4,071 schools will be provided hardware equipment including computers, laptops, printers, scanners, and LCD TVs before
March 31

The government will set up "Free Digital Libraries" in all schools in Kerala, Education Minister MA Baby said. Under the scheme, 4,071 schools
will be provided hardware equipment including 7,300 computers, 3,740 laptops, 6,510 UPS units, 1,291 printers, 785 scanners, 1,160 multimedia
projectors and 430 LCD Televisions (32") before March 31, reports IANS.

"Here the scope of the word 'free' doesn't limit to mere free of cost.  Instead, schools will get absolute freedom to copy, modify and
re-distribute the content among teachers, students and general public. This is in tune with the 'Free Software' philosophy, as against the
'License Raj' system offered by proprietary software," he said.

Baby was speaking during the state-level inauguration of hardware distribution to 4,071 schools under "ICT in School Scheme". IT@School
Project Executive Director K Anvar Sadath said the 'Free Digital Libraries' will be provided materials on a regular basis. "Besides,
schools can download content using the broadband facility available in libraries. IT@School will facilitate sharing of digital materials and
video documentaries produced by schools among themselves. There is no issue of piracy or unauthorized copying, but all teachers and students
can use these materials the way they wish to use," Sadat said

-- Gurumurthy Kasinathan IT for Change | Tel:98454 37730 Bridging Development Realities and Technological Possibilities IT for Change is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with United Nations’ Economic and Social Council Move to Public Software. For options, please visit | | 

Public-software mailing list

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22 March 2010

Regarding Linux Install Mela - Delhi Jamia 27 march 2010

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From: Sheel Sindhu Manohar <sheel.loverboy AT>
Date: Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 2:48 PM
Subject: [LUG@IITD:6780] Regarding Linux Install Mela - 2010
To: "Linux User Group @ IIT Delhi" <>

Hi Linux Lovers,

I am organising a Workshop on Linux .
With the name of Linux install mela on this saturday 27th March 2010

In Which the following thing to be completed :-
1. Basic information will be given to the students of 1st year
2. Other students of any year and from any branch are also invited.
3. Installation of LINUX on the laptops and PCs will be done in
FREE !!!!!!!
4. Other information also given regarding on the spot topics.

Please suggest me any ideas which i can add in this session .........

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Uncut Video of Venkatesh Hariharan (RedHat) on His Journey of Open Source

21 March 2010

Right Click - "Add to Playlist in vlc"

If you want to make a quick dirty solution for - right Click add to playlist in vlc then follow this

# cd .gnome2/nautilus-scripts
# touch "Add to Playlist"
# chmod +x "Add to Playlist"
# gedit "Add to Playlist"

---------------- Paste this code -------------


## Ny Narendra Sisodiya, for SchoolOS
## If you modify it, Please let me know.

   vlc --started-from-file --playlist-enqueue "$FILENAME"

exit 0

------------------  SAVE and CLOSE.  ---------------

Now enjoy right click adding to vlc.

#How you can improve it.
current script do not have file extension or mimetype adding, it will add all type of files ,there should be file extension checking so that only media files allowed to add to playlist.

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19 March 2010

[OT] Facebook Ramayan #must see

Ubuntu Support in India


AgreeYa Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. AgreeYa Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. is a global Technology, Consulting, and Outsourcing services provider delivering competitive advantage through our partnership approach, global capability, and flexible delivery model.
An SEI CMMI Level 5 company, AgreeYa has strong focus and deep technical expertise in Java/J2EE, Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL and other Open Source technologies.
Alterego Technology Pvt Ltd Alterego Technology Pvt Ltd provides open source consultancy to their valuable customers. We provide solutions like Mail and Messaging, software development, CMS, Firewall, VPN, etc to our customers.
Conversys Conversys is a consulting firm focusing on the development and implementation of free and open source (FOSS) strategies for medium and large-sized businesses. Our custom development solutions are open source Consultancy, Mail & Messaging solution, Software & Web Development, Linux & FOSS Implementation & Migration and Security Audit and Complex Multi- Tiered Open Source Solutions. eGovServices offers e-Governance Solutions for Governments at all levels. The solutions enable the Governments to focus on their core areas i.e. Governance and Administration, optimize their performance and improve information and service delivery to citizens through the use of Information and Communication Technologies.
Enjay Network Solutions Enjay Network Solutions Enjay Linux initiative is promoted by Enjay Network Solutions with a vision to provide one stop shop for Open Source Solutions. Having expertise in Implementation of Linux, Linux Migration, Embedded Development, LAMP development. Also imparting High end Linux training for professionals.
Gemini Communications Ltd Gemini Communications Ltd A new venture of Gemini Communications Ltd., providing complete IT Solutions for enterprises across India for over a decade and half. The Foss wing of Gemini Communications would primarily focus on:
* Direct Deployment & Continuous Support of FOSS solutions
* Migrate Enterprises from proprietary IT Solutions to FOSS Solutions
Office Efficiencies (India) Private Limited Office Efficiencies (India) Private Limited SafeSquid is brought to you by Office Efficiencies (India) Private Limited - OEIPL. SafeSquid is the "Best-of-the-Breed" Content Filtering Proxy Server. SafeSquid arguably has the most comprehensive set of features to serve most complex and large networks. OEIPL is based in India - an extremely price and value sensitive market for IT.
Safew Technology Labs Safew Technology Labs is a software development firm based in Hyderabad, India. We specialize in Ruby on Rails, AJAX on Rails and Web 2.0 technologies apart from being experts in MySQL, Linux, HTML and CSS development.Our Key Services include: Developing Customized Applications,Virtualization and Infrastructure Management Services in GNU/Linux.

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18 March 2010

Open Source Software Workshop @ MIT Meerut

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From: Mohit Singh <gmohitsingh AT>
Date: Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 12:47 PM
Subject: [GLUG-Meerut] : Open Source Software Workshop @ MIT Meerut

Dear GLUGers!

This is to formally intimate you all about the first Open Source
Software Workshop @ MIT Meerut on Saturday, 27-03-2010.

The focus will be on Introduction to UNIX culture and GNU/Linux
technologies. There will be two parallel sessions on GNU/Linux and Web

Track 1: GNU/Linux Shell and System Programming basics
            Contact Persons: Ankur Gupta, CS, Final Year, MIET - 9760102441
                                    Abhishek Bose, IT, Third
Year,MIT- 9897313328
                                     Irna Gupta, IT, Third Year,MIT

Track 2: Open Source Web Technologies
            Contact Persons: Shakti Garg, CS,Final Year, MIET - 9719708687
                                 <+ two more people from CS6,MIT)

More details ASAP.

Happy Hacking

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16 March 2010

Story of linux users group bikaner

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From: shreekant bohra <>
Date: Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 9:39 PM
Subject: [lugj] Story of linux users group bikaner
To:, lugj <>

Hi FOSS Lovers,

Let me start by introducing myself, I am Shree Kant Bohra, final year IT student at Engineering College Bikaner. The purpose of this email is to share our experience with establishing a Linux Users Group here in Bikaner and moving it forward.

So the story goes like this, initially it was three of us, me, Anirudh and Manu Dixit. We were fascinated by cool world of Open Source in early year of engineering. I never used linux personally before I heard about it and decided to give it a try on my compaq laptop, I picked up fedora 7( which was latest at that time) , tried installing it, after trying for almost 4 days, ~100 times. I found that this was some bug with fedora 7 and I can't install it without working out. So first step failed. Still we loved open source. In our college no one gave damn shit to linux , there were no linux labs. and no one used them for any task other than chattring.

After lots of hustle, we managed to get our college labs opened during nights to work in as we had no internet connection at hostel(we didnt have campus hostel either) so we used to freak out in nights at college labs. Keep searching, doing all random stuff, participating in competitions, gradually people started noticing us, many students turned up for labs, the movement had started. But we were not aware of it, we too were struggling finding our way. But it was a good thing. Then comes the second year, the most of the time we were busy doing random works, participating in techfests. And I must say FOSS kriti played a major role in our revolution , we attended FOSS kriti and it changed everything. I kinda was fascianted with geeks out there and cool things they displayed, listening to Arun was amazing. I got back from IIT Kanpur, full of energy. Such events play a key role in turning students to FOSS, even if 5 students turn to foss from one event, I think thats huge. But we always forget that how we ourself started, its our duty to give back. So I am a big supporter of FOSS events and talks. That year we applied to GSoC , didnt get selected. But learnt lessons of life time. Summer of Code is the best way to learn the FOSS philosophy, whether you get selected or not, you are always a winner.

Then came third year of engineering. The movement roared, more people joined us, the scenario changed completely People started talking about FOSS and Linux. More learning, more win. We didnt realize that many students around were inspired by us. While earlier no one used to go to attend techfests, 100s, literally, students attended techfests outside college. And revolution started. Presently its getting into culture here to attend techfests. And I think thats the most important thing, to get things into culture. Once you do that, you win it. The main reason for the success of institutions like IIT and IIM is that they have good things in their culture and environment. Three of us applied of gsoc, me , anirudh and abhinav, all of us got selected and hence the final kick to the FOSS movement, as big money and name always attracts junta. Linux is all there in labs now, we have Linux labs here now.

Finally, last year, we decided to have a FOSS event parallel to college techfest. We got the idea, but never happened to work upon it seriously.15 days before the fest we decided we want to do it. and guess what ? we saw a large team waiting to contribute to the event, we did exhaustive planning, we used google docs for shared planning, had meetups and were surprised to see so many students interested in FOSS. We made different teams,kudos to our design team, we created hack labs, with all ambience of a hackers den(:P), lightings,posters,banners. And yeah, mid night hackfests. No one could ever imagine that we can do that. As we never have events in our college after 5pm, being in outer area from city, it was a challenge, we fought to the odds, what a FOSS event without hackest! And to our more surprise, huge junta turned up for mid night hackfests, and we had to limit them. Imagine a scenario, while 2 years back we were three of us sitting in labs in midnight, now it was ~100 people! and all with a cause. I could get emotional :P heh. We ignited the spark and its now jungle fire. Rome was not built in a day and I know neither we can do that now.

After effect of the event, we established Linux Users group bikaner! and got resources for its website, made up agenda, we had lots of install fest in hostels, I can say ~60% of college now know what Linux is and have heard about FOSS. I cant expect everyone to go and code or to use Linux as their preferred distro, but now they have the choice. No one told us about Linux and FOSS when we were them but we had a dream that we want to change this, we did it.

Present activity- I will say our lug is naive lug, but right now there are almost ~40 active linux users who use linux as their first OS. And many other uses Linux more often. More importantly people have choice now, the freedom to choose, our lug provides active support to anyone interested in FOSS and linux. We do meetups, talk about latest stuff, encourage students to get involved in some project. Personally what I would like to see is an active community of developers coming out from LUGB, and it will take some time. may be 1 more year. The thing that shows that our lug is active is number of people pinging me all the time with some cool problems with linux( n00bs they are, I love them all ) People are new to mailing lists, irc and it will take some time to pick the idea.

I believe that events and fests are very important part of any foss movement or lug, we are planning more of them.I am happy that the second generation  is picking up and standing tall. Our lug is in safe hands. The continuation of culture is in place and we have put FOSS in culture here.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to share it with all, I am happy to share our story. May it inspire others! Ameen


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08 March 2010

See Hacker from Close : 1 AMD Desktop, 1OLPC, 1 Dell intel core i7 and 1 benq ATOM

making template for right click

many time you want to create open office presentation , We go to open office via menu and then create and save it. many time we create html page, for that we go to gedit and write <html></html>, write a basic html again and again is boring, How about right click and create document  as shown in image !
This is simple hack,

mkdir ~/Templates
now just create empty file (like open office, shell script, html file etc) and paste into this directory.
They will appear into right click menu.

but this will for current user as we are creating Templates in home directory.  I do not know how i can create system-wide templates for all users

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05 March 2010

World's First Projective HTML5 Video using Canvas API #canvas #html5 #video #ogg

When I saw, Projective Texturing with Canvas by Steven Wittens, I was amazed.
Yesterdaynight I was trying to same with Video using SVG. SVG has affine transformation but clipping part was difficult. So I modified the Original source code by Steven.
Believe me it was , I just changed few lines and now the same demo working for Videos too. Demo is buggy. You have to wait for 22 seconds to load it, Then this will show wireframe and show projective video. There is a bug in that in video is not 100% fit in wireframe. I will check it later.

OK Here is the demo link -

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04 March 2010

Project Eduvid Meeting cum Brain Storming at 7march 2010 2pm to 4pm

FYI, Please do attend !

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From: narendra sisodiya <>
Date: Thu, Mar 4, 2010 at 11:37 AM
Subject: Project Eduvid Meeting cum Brain Storming at 7march 2010 2pm to 4pm
To: IITDLUG <>, The Linux-Delhi mailing list <>,

I invite you all for having a brain storming session on "Project Eduvid" at Sunday 7 March 2 to 5 pm :

You can get information on project Eduvid on my website : , most of the content is old, I have all ideas in mind which i want to deliver.

Project Eduvid is all about creating a new educational content delivery/creation system at low bandwidth. This is one of the biggest project I can imagine and working from my college days, I have left my job also for this purpose.

Together we can digg possibilities for its implementation. I am also looking forward for having a register NPO (non profit foundation) and want board member too. May be we can get funding via this method.

Venue :
Society for Knowledge Commons
B-130 - Lower Ground Floor
Shivalik, Malaviya Nagar, New Delhi -17

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02 March 2010

[LUG@IITD:6582] Re: any stable software for ssh over jabber

Thanks Everyone, and specially Chetan, My Problem got solved. is the solution.
Now I can control my system from anywhere. one of the most beautiful software.

On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 9:09 AM, chetan.mlist <> wrote:

On Feb 27, 8:44 pm, narendra sisodiya <>

> I have two laptop. both are in different city. One is connected to Reliance
> USB internet and other is connected via Tata Indicom. (both can open
> , yup it means both are on Internet and hidden somewhere by some
> methods,, fundas of external ips etc)

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Jabber-SH — SH console via XMPP/Jabber (GTalk)
# Jabber-SH allows you to administrate a remote computer via a command line
# through a Jabber client. It’s like SSH via GoogleTalk! :)
# This is just a hack but it might be usefull sometime to run basic commands
# on a machine that is not accessible via ssh.
# Philippe Creux. pcreux/AT/gmail/DOT/com
# Jabber-SH connects to Jabber using the BOT_LOGIN and BOT_PASSWORD details.
# Jabber-SH answers some random epigram via 'fortune' to any message sent to him.
# The user CLIENT_LOGIN logs into the console by sending the CLIENT_PASSPHRASE.
require 'rubygems'
require 'xmpp4r-simple'
require 'session'
puts "Connecting"
if messenger =, BOT_PASSWORD)
  puts "Connected"
  puts "Ooops - Can't connect"
@sh = nil
while true
  messenger.received_messages do |msg|
    puts "Received #{msg.body} from #{msg.from}"
    if msg && msg.from.to_s.include?(CLIENT_LOGIN)
      if msg.body == CLIENT_PASSPHRASE
        if @sh == nil
          @sh = Session::new
          message = "Now logged in!"
          @sh.close && @sh = nil
          message = "Logged out..."
        messenger.deliver(msg.from, message)
        if @sh
          stdout, stderr = @sh.execute(msg.body) if msg.body
          messenger.deliver(msg.from, "\n" + stdout.chomp) unless stdout.empty?
          messenger.deliver(msg.from, "\n" + stderr.chomp) unless stderr.empty?
          messenger.deliver(msg.from, @sh.execute('pwd')[0].chomp + "$>")
          messenger.deliver(msg.from, `fortune`)
  sleep 1
An equivalent in your favourite language may be the answer.

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