06 February 2010

Project Deb Bundle - input needed {zeroth version}

I would like to share my current work. yesterday I worked on this
concept and now i have zeroth version. basically, I am just showing
the idea, want to take comment and will modify script accordingly.

Basically, I have installed ubuntu more then 10 times in last 10
month. I hate again and again installation of software.
So basic idea of deb_bundle is to create a .zip files to .deb files
which you need to for installing a perticular software

= purpose =
* This will help to user those who do not have Internet

= what is bundle =
* It is a zip files contains many .deb files, for example
vboxgtk.deb_bundle will be containing all the necessary and dependant
files init. So you can actually download vboxgtk.deb_bundle files and
install it instead of going to synaptic packages manager
= How to create bundle =
$ ./Bundle_Creator
EX $ ./Bundle_Creator vboxgtk virtualbox-guest-additions

this will download all necessary files and packages into single files
called vboxgtk.deb_bundle

= How to install bundle =
$ ./Bundle_Installer
EX $ ./Bundle_Installer vboxgtk.deb_bundle

= Source Code =

= Issue1 : Bundle Packages created on one system can be differ from other =

YEs, basically, It Bundle_Creator will just download the .deb files
which are needed. If some files have been installed earlier , those
will not be captured into new bundles. So solution to this we need to
make a reference system. We need to create all bundle with respect to
that minimum ubuntu system. This reference point can be a minimum
ubuntu system Or Just installed ubuntu live image

= Issue2 : How new updates will go into these bundle =
This is again an issue which need to be taken care.

I will upload these bundle on IITD repo as a experiment.
I am working on other possible issues and Finally I want to have a one
click installable bundles which can be transferable to system which do
not have Internet.

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