18 February 2010

How a FOSS lover fight in his Office - Government office wasting money in High-priced proprietory system

Can KolKata guys help on this issue ?

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From: Rajib Bandopadhyay <bkpsusmitaa ( AT ) gmail DOT com>
Date: Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 11:30 PM
Subject: [fosscomm] ILUG & FOSS alert - Government office wasting money in High-priced proprietory system

Dear FOSS & ILUG people,

It is time that you people got involved in the issues regarding which
I have made complaints to my office and fighting alone.

The first is regarding buying overpriced computers with windows
operating system (OS only) and installing pirated copies of MSOffice
in those computers for nearly 90 computers.
The next is regarding replacing the GNU-Linux system bought by my
office with pirated windows OS and pirated MSOffice.
The third is regarding inoperable website

I had talked to Mr.A.Mani and Mr.P.Verma, way back in the first week
of September 2009, requesting them to hold a free seminar-cum-training
program for my office people so that we could begin converting people
from proprietory to FOSS system, and gradually convert the pirated
systems to FOSS systems.They had agreed to it. I had informed the
office, especially the Commissioner, about the FOSS peoples' interest
in conducting a free seminar-cum-tutorial sessions.

But after so many months I find that my office is actually intent on
killing every investigation on the anomalies. The Linux systems are
lying unused in some places, because people have a no notion about
linux and FOSS, and my office is intent on changing the OS for obvious

Please file enquiries using the Right to Information to know:
1.What type of machines the Service Tax Commissionerate is using?
2.If the office is using Windows OS then which office package the
office is using?
3.If the office is using MSOffice, whether they are licensed (one
license per machine)?
4.If they are licensed, to provide a photocopy of the license cum
5.If the office is using instead of MSOffice, whether
it is worthwhile to use FOSS like openoffice with proprietory high-
priced computers?
6.Demand copies of the complaints submitted by me from the office and
ask what actions the office has taken on the complaints?
7.Has the commissioner taken cognizance of the free training program,
and what steps has he taken to reduce government expenditure?
8.Knowing that my office uses office package only rudimentarily, and
when it is easy to implement low-priced, efficient systems, why is the
office spending so much money to buy high priced proprietory systems?

If you people need copies of the complaints, let me know. I will send
the required pdf files to the user group. Office secrets act won't
stop me, because welfare of public is involved. I have informed some
extra-departmental investigating agencies, and they are working on the
complaints. Kindly enforce speedy justice for the public.

If you can get the issue highlighted in the newspaper it will be a
national issue, because so far as I know, nearly all the
commissionerates (Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax, totalling
about a hundred) all over India are following the same practice.
Rajib Bandopadhyay
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