12 February 2010

Hall of Shame : Indian Website which need IE and close standard

1)  Income Tax DEpt website only accept Microsoft Excel format. They
must use Open Office format - ref

2) ISRO Bhuvan Project (Indian Earth Observation Visualisation - ) - ask use to use Microsoft Windows with IE
and 3D capable graphics card.
we have written at letter on it -

AICTE website for colleges to put in there information. But colleges
can never open these links.
-- We cannot see this page --
Site Requirements (as given in AICTE website):

Section 1:
   Desktop/PC Platform Requirements
       * Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 or above with Internet
Explorer 6.0 or above. Cumulative Security Update for Internet
Explorer 6 Service Pack 2 (KB867801) or above is a prerequisite.
       * Microsoft Vista with SP1 or above4 with Internet Explorer
7.0 and above

4) which gives disposed and pending case
status in various courts in India do not work in Firefox.  Although
the site is displayed in Firefox, the submit option does not work.  I
had sent a mail to NIC( some time back regarding this,
but did not get any response.

5)from - - US Visa application
not possible if you use free software!
October 2, 2009
    I wanted to go to the international conference on semantic web to
be held in October 2009 near Washington.  So I try to apply for US
visa.  There seems to be no way for a person to apply for US visa
without using MS Internet Explorer.  Firefox/Mozilla based browsers
don’t work.  In protest to this unfair practice, I have written the
following open letter to the Ambassador of United States in India.

6) is website for Mumbai Region
11th Standard Online Admissions - It is not avaiable in Firefox. It
say "Currently we are supporting Microsoft Internet explorer v6 or
newer only"

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