20 February 2010

AI based software, a new challenge to Open Standard. A case of Quillpad typing hindi

       I am a big fan of Open Standards, but the nature of development do not take care about open standards. Recently my brother asked me why do not I use Quillpad ( ) for writing hindi. I was trying to write Hindi using "inscript keyboard layout". inscript is proper way to typing hindi. you can see this layout on . For typing हिन्दी in one has to type "ufvdor" and thus one has to remember the keyboard layout. I do not think that even 1% of Indian who use computer, know this layout. Every children who learn computer use to learn English keyboard layout. So the natural tendency student will go with keyboard software which are AI based. as one example is Quillpad. with Quillpad, hindi typing is so easy. one cannot think that hindi typing can be made so easy. for typing हिन्दी you need to type "Hindi". This will convert "Hindi" into हिन्दी. but the real problem and real feature is its suggestion. when you type Hindi, it will suggest 4 similar words  - हिन्दी हिंदी हीन्दी हिंडी . similarly "Tum" can lead to  तुम टम तूँ तूम . Also if you want to type हम , you can type "hum" Or "ham". So basically they have made a system where they can analyse, what a user meant when he type something and accordingly they can push suggestion. So what is wrong ? I think the wrong part is - "giving a better technology where we developer has no control and normal user do not care about these issues". For me, as I think, these technologies provide a non-standard way to give better results. Now nobody compete because the actual AI algorithms are on server side where we do not have any control. May be this is a small case and one can make a similar software based on reverse engineering but I am talking about proper standard which everybody follow. May be in the future we may see some complex software based on AI and other technologies where you will unable to find any competing body and this will create a state which we call "Monopoly", a special form of monopoly even without patents.

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