13 January 2010

TCFE (The Copyleft Freedom Effort) license discussion

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 9:20 PM, drew Roberts <> wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 January 2010 10:11:13 wrote:
>> drew Roberts wrote:
>> > On Tuesday 12 January 2010 07:10:25 narendra sisodiya wrote:
>> >> So IMO, We must have some sort of "Pool License" where
>> >> * You are free to copy/share/sell/adapt work
>> >> * Any remix must released under same "Pool License"
>> >
>> > Let me see if I can use different words...
>> >
>> > Would a BY-SA license modified to require attribution, not to any chosen
>> > specific group, site, or creator, but rather to "The Copyleft Freedom
>> > Effort" do the trick.
>> >
>> > Any original works using this license would be attributed to "The
>> > Copyleft Freedom Effort" by the original authors. This would be a choice
>> > they make on deciding to use the license for their works.
>> >
>> > Any derived works using this license would be attributed to "The Copyleft
>> > Freedom Effort" as per the Share Alike aspects of the license.
>> >
>> > No one ever has to research the attribution requirements of works under
>> > such a license as they are fixed in the license itself. "The Copyleft
>> > Freedom Effort"
>> >
>> > Is that sort of what you want to accomplish?
>> What if I came along then and started an organization named "The
>> Copyleft Freedom Effort".  Would I be able to do anything with those
>> materials that the general public couldn't do?
> I don't see why if done right. The copyrights would still rest with the
> copyright holders, it is just that there would be a common attribution.
> At least, that's what I think is being suggested... (And I am not sure it
> would really be helpful. Many would still want to do their due diligence and
> would need to follow that creation / copyright holder chain despite the
> simpler attribution requirements.

Yes, you got better words - "The Copyleft Freedom Effort"
IMO, this can be done via 2 ways,
1) as you said, common attribution, but copyright remains with individuals. -- not possible
2) copyright goes to a central body - may be TCFE foundation. license must be Viral. something like

(C) 2010 TCFE Foundation,
Permission here by granted to reuse this work for any purpose (remix, print, copy, share) provided following conditions are met while using the work

1)  You must not modify the Text of License (The Copyright Notice). This means the any new modification goes under the copyrights of TCFE foundation. However you are always allow to modify the article and you can include your name as contributor in modified article (and not in the copyright notice).

2)  You can only merge/remix this TCFE article with another TCFE licensed article. Any such remix/merging will result a new TCFE licensed article. Repetition of "Copyright Notice" which may result form remixing is not suggested. you need to retain Copyright Notice from once article.

3)  Any Derived/modified work must be release under this License itself. Releasing it under other License is not allowed.

4) Every remixing/modification must be uploaded to TCFE website. The Whole TCFE website is Licensed under TCFE licensed.

#Article Start
      Hello TCFE. We trust you.
#Article End

The point is very simple. Putting you name in copyright notice matter when you use the word -- "All right reserved". If you are making article under CC Or permissive license, then you will not get anything by putting you name in the list of copyright holder for derived work/reprint. If we leave "copyright notice as it ease" (like the above copyright notice), remixing can be a great easy thing. You can just take out the printout and sell copy this "Open Knowldge" from TCFE website, by doing so, you need not to worry about the attribution and permissions. (you are allowed to do anything).

IMO, the above copyright notice is more or less equal/similar to public domain. TCFE is just a tag to make sure derived work remain under publicly reusable.

The problem which i see, is TCFE is like a name-space. Other guys/company may start same thing. Article from difference name-space may not be compatible with eachother. World must understand, TCFE is another form of public domain. Nobody will gain to create any similar License (yes, everybody has freedom to do so.)

PS: Once my neighbor told to give me a printed copy of one wikipedia article. It took me some time to understand how I can reuse/reprint that article. Doing such thing with TCFE license is just simple, - "Just do it and do not worry about anything"

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