10 January 2010

How can i make a new document license ?

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From: narendra sisodiya
Date: Sun, Jan 10, 2010 at 4:53 AM
Subject: How can i make a new document license ?

may somebody share his knowledge to know more about creating license for wiki.
May be this is not a suitable forum but I know Adam and other guys who
has studied CC well (sorry if i am wrong)

Basically,  I am trying to start a printing facility for wiki type
book in India ( ) , So I like CC-By-SA from heart
but in my opinion CC is not good license for wiki. infact i am unable
to find suitable license till date (and GUI too).

Here are my questions

1) How can I create a new license ?
2) is CC-SA is a valid license scheme ?
3) If my content is present on web under CC-By-SA then what happen
after my death ? does it goes under public domain ?
4) I do not think 'public domain' really exist.
4.1) If I put some article under public domain, anybody can modify
small spelling mistake and make a new copyright notice "(c) new
brother, All right reserved" ! is it true ?
5) I want to have some sort of Viral Licensing scheme which allow user
to copy/paste/remix without attribution. For example If wikibooks and
Flossmannual follow this license, then users from wikibook can take
any portion of text/image and paste/remix/modify at Flossmannuals.
This is something like creating a "Pool Or Sea" of commons/knowledge.
So in nutshell, any modification to pool/sea increase its size.
Because attribution is not recorded at individual level, there will be
any difficulty to remix. This type of 'zero attribution' scheme is
most suitable for wiki contents where user add a very little. But
license has to be copyrighted with somebodies name, we can take a
centralized name like (c) GOD Or (c) etc.

PS: read discussion at

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Anonymous said...

under Indian law public domain exists. Once something is in public domain, anyone can do anything with it.