04 January 2010

CBSE 11-12 books for IP - new books based open source syllabus

In meeting , we have discussed that there is a urgent need to provide
a "CC-by-SA"/Or may be open booklet before 30 Jan Or 15 Feb 2010.
(First version) ,
We need members who can edit/work 1Hr-3 Hr per day to write
booklet/book of CBSE.
Please reply me offline if you want to be a member of this team.

Also, I need a project manager for this purpose who can track the
progress and give us feedback about progress at event 3 days.

please contact me offlist with gmail id so that I can add you on the project.

│ Narendra Sisodiya ( नरेन्द्र सिसोदिया )
│ Society for Knowledge Commons
│ Web :

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