11 January 2010

An appeal to python and PostgreSQL Community #Python #PostgreSQL

We as a team working for writing a CC-By-SA licensed textbook for
class 11th. You can look for syllabus here , syllabus include
Java/MySQL .
I would like to make a request to Python and PostgreSQL
community to design a new syllabus for CBSE class 11th which include
python and PostgreSQL in place of Java/MySQL . Community members can
join to start this initiative too.
I as a educationalist believe that we must teach "vendor neutral
education". At the same time we must teach multiple community based
products (like MySQL with PostgreSQL, GTK , Phthon with Java).
You can join our project and start making book/syllabus. These
changes in syllabus may be included in future. At the same time even
if these things are not there in syllabus, If book is ready with
alternate tools , student might get better exposure to FOSS world.

just 2 more cents in FOSS world

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